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Do cruisers cop a lot of wind

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by theiceman, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. G'day all. I'm pretty close to making the leap to cruisers from klr 650 coz I'm sick of feeling like I'm wearing a parachute. My question is simple. Do cruisers cop a lot of wind? Logically, I should hop on a couple to try for myself but there aren't a real lot of options in country NSW. In particular I'm looking closely at C50 but all considered. Any and all opinions including best mid range cruiser (I smell a cruiser free for all brewing) welcome

  2. Any naked bike cops wind blast but a screen tends to nullify that markedly.
  3. I kinda like the feel of the wind hitting me in the chest. :grin:

    Birds, large insects and assorted rubble, from the backs of semis, trucks and utes, not so much. :evil:
  4. I test rode a VTX1300 with a screen before I bought mine, and was amazed at the difference between screen and no-screen. I decided I would have one, but so far haven't bought one, I'm not sold on the look of them TBH. My plan is to get one when we do a long trip away.

    But to bet back to your question, yup.... cruisers cop a lot of wind. But it's kinda the way I like it personally, I usually wear a full face helmet, but like to leave the visor up to get the wind in my face....y'know?

    As for size, remember that cruisers are geared different to other road bikes (Lower?) so the power/weight thing is important. I'm a big bloke and started on a 750cc Shadow thinking it would be heaps of power and actually scoffed at mates that ride 1600's! But I learned rather quickly that cruisers need big engines to keep cruisin'! My 1300 suits me fine, but I would strongly suggest you test ride as many as you can.
    keep us posted with what you end up with and good luck!

  5. You will also find that with forward pegs (more than sportbikes) you will have trouble keeping your feet on the pegs above 200kmh. Your knuckles will be gripping the bars hard, you wont get blown off, but it you will feel the wind.

    And isnt that what it is all about?
  6. Thanks for that bit of info. I'm 96kg and 183cm (girls its all umm err umm muscle) and assumed that VL800 would have all the required grunt. Perhaps I need a rethink. I just keep looking at 1100s and 1300s and think geez they look heavy
  7. Lots of wind on a cruiser, and hard to hunker down to try minimise it - but thats what cruising is all about, sitting up and being noticed :cool:

    I put a Switchblade screen on my M50 and love it. The switchblade screens are removable and I was thinking I'd only put it on for country rides, but it made any ride alot more comfortable for me - so it stays on all the time.

    You're about my size. The M50 certainly has enough grunt for me and I find I enjoy winding-it-up just to listen to it roar (aftermarket pipes :grin: ). But, had I my druthers now I would have gone for the C90 - a bit more roar for not alot more price.
  8. But look at it this way; at least you won't be posting up complaining about being blown around by the wind :LOL:
  9. Dude, If I was doin 200kmh it wouldn't be wind I'd be feeling. It'd be solid and coming from my arse
  10. I thought EXACTLY the same! Then I decided to take a 1300 for a test ride, and within 50 metres from the bike shop, I realised that the bike does all the hard work, we just point it in the direction we want to go and make it start and stop. I remember thinking how effortlessly the 1300 rode in comparison to the 750 I had. The 750 Shadow is a great bike, but for a big bloke* like me, it was screamin' all the time and I was forever kicking up and down gears. There may not be anything wrong with that, but to me, cruisers are not meant to be that much work. Have a ride of an 1100 or a 1300, you'll see what I mean.
    If you like the look of the C50, have a closer look at the C90 or even the C109. The Suzuki's are a lot of bike for the money IMO, although for mine, the Honda (Either the VTX 1300 or the VTX 1800) is the way to go! :grin:

    *Read "Fat Bastard"
  11. At 96kg you are a wee slip of a lad, I'm 133kg and it zips along fine with me on top, can labour a little taking off with pillion but still scoots along fine 110-120k's. Only time wind bothers me is when riding into a head wind or really zooming over 130 (or so I am told).
  12. Speeds up to 100km comfortable .. over 110km you need to hang on ..

    Get a windshield if doing a lot of high speed riding :grin:
  13. The only real problem I've found on my C50 is when passing the larger trucks on the open highway. It's a nice wake up call if you're not paying attention to what is coming from the other direction. Otherwise it's a simple matter of making sure you're not hugging the centre line and maybe slow down a touch when you pass to find something you're comfortable with.