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do cbr 250's have electronic rev Limiters

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lord nykon, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. my bike namely stops acclerating at about 14000 rpm and slowlee creeps up to 16 over time where i have a top speed at that point of about 170 some thing but today it couldent get parst 12000rpm and i was woundering if it has a electronic rev Limiter and if it dose if it might be playing up or something

    or anny thing else that might be the problem
    (i should probly add that i only rely had that problem in 6th i dident get to try it in 5th cause i was riding to school and got stuck behind some cars but i got it to about 13000 in 4th just to see if it could cause i thort something might be wrong and it couldent get parst that)

  2. Rev limiter is at 21,000rpm, i always thought it just struggles going any faster than 16,000 in 6th because of the gearing :? i dunno the actual explanation but mine does the same thing.
  3. The CBR uses digital ignition so it will have a rev limiter, but being electronic shouldn't be the sort of thing that varies when it decides to kick in. Sounds more like the engine's having trouble getting enough fuel to reach those sorts of revs - perhaps crud in the fuel lines, dodgy fuel pump. Could also be a problem with restricted airflow (ie blocked/dirty air filter).
    Edit: Note I'm assuming you were able to get past 16,000rpm in 6th gear before but can't now. Otherwise don't necessarily assume it's possible to redline the engine in top gear, the engine may simply not have enough power to do it (ie wind resistance is greater than the engine output).
  4. ok thanxs
    oww and Kraven whats the farsted youve gorn cause i havent got mine parst 180 but i havent realy had good good conditions
  5. If it's a grey import 180kph is all you're going to get - all Japanese market bikes are speed limited (if the speedo reads higher it's simply because it's out). Even unrestricted it's unlikely to give you much more - the world speed record for a 250 (a 2-stroke at that) is only just over 200kph.
  6. Unless you have mods or a good tailwind i think that is about the max, thats the most i've had mine at (Before the new muffler) that and it didn't want to go any faster, It's pretty boring up that fast tho because it takes way too long to get there.
  7. Yep speedo is about 10kmh of the mark at those speeds, you can de-restrict them fairly easily but that would only give you an extra 5-10kph anyway and you'd need a mighty long straight to get that.
  8. 21,000 rpm, fark, that's pretty high revving. Do you ever wonder if a piston is going break free and wack you in the nuts? :grin: :grin:
  9. 200 a speed record for a 250... not


    Did you really mean 200km/h?. Even a stock Aprilia RS250 (which is a 2 stroke) will eclipse 200km/h (stock gearing claims 220, but 215 more realistic), never mind something thats been tuned or tweaked. If your talking world records.... try the gp bikes with 2 x as much power.


  10. Dunno if the 21k rpm is right... watched mine, and spits it at 19k pretty much on the red line...

    But yeah, I cant get more than 160km on a flat surface... must be gearing or wind resistance and stuff
  11. Re: 200 a speed record for a 250... not

    Sigh, been through this before. Try checking out this site for the offical world land speed records for motorcycles (ie not assisted by wind, downhill runs, dodgy speedos, or optimistic manufacturers specs). Here you'll find the record for a stock 250cc bike still stands at 129.874mph (or 209kph). You can think an RS250 is faster all you want, simple fact is no-one has ever recorded an official speed greater than 209kph on a production 250 (if you want to prove me wrong by all means take an RS250 to a salt flat and go for it). A GP bike by the way is not a production bike, fastest outright speed for a 250 (using a streamlined body and engine running on modified fuel) still stands at 305kph (faster than a GP bike - even if it was set in 1973).
    Edit: Oh and as far as "tweaked" bikes go, the record for a 250 running a (presumably heavily) modified frame and engine is still only 220kph.
  12. Re: 200 a speed record for a 250... not

    Salt flat?? You mean the eastern freeway dont you? :LOL: :LOL: :p
  13. Re: 200 a speed record for a 250... not

    Yeah I might accept a copy of a speeding ticket for doing more than 210kph on a 250 as reasonable proof if anyone's willing to give that a go instead :LOL:.
  14. As far as i know for the CBR250's, they simply don't have enough horsies to get up to top rev's in sixth gear.

    The wind resistance is just too strong.

    That's what i was always told anyway. :grin: