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Do Buell make the sexiest bikes on the planet?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fizmotech, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Big call I know.

    But those nakeds are damned sx.

    Only problem is I cant afford one. Although $10k for a used lightning isnt bad.

    Anyway, let me know your thoughts on Buell bikes. Any alternative suggestions for that edgey street fighter look with euro styling appreciated. Sub $12k used.
  2. They are a love, or hate kinda bike. Not many fence sitters.
    I like 'em.
  3. Sexy, like goat appreciators think goats are the schnizzz.

    They have made some absolutely REPUGNANT things. The Tori Spelling of motorcycles.
  4. crikey, can i lend you my specs? :p

    i guess you wouldnt like street/speed triples, benelli etc either? those are my other options. except finding a benelli cheap is impossible and the triumps whilst i love, are a little too tame looking after looking at a benelli or buell
  5. The're OK looking bikes, probably wont go as hard or as long as the Benelli of Trump though.
  6. I woulda bought an XB12S Lightning if I didnt get the trumpy. Good bikes. Some wierd designs, but hey. Everyone has brain explosions sometimes.

  7. i went and did something reallll stupid and booked in for a testride next month :)
    stupid because i wasn't looking at upgrading for another year and somehow found myself in a Buell dealership kicking tires. trying to find an XB12 Firebolt


    i'm a fan.
    it feels like it's going to be a great second bike for me.
    they're so...fcuk-off american with that harley note and the old muscle car exhaust in front of the back wheel. ballsy and brainy. some absurd idea to transplant a harley engine into a sports bike, i love it. the single thing i don't like about them is the anolog speedo. the whole dash is kind of aged. be hard taking a step back from digital. and from what i understand being air-cooled they overheat in heavy summer traffic

    i'm interested to hear what any current or former Buell owners here think about this bike, what it's like to live with, the grinfactor, regretful purchase, regretful sell, etc
  8. i love em

    Loki, apparently teh 9S, 9R or 9SX are better because they have left problems with their engines and electrics or something

    read it somewhere
  9. OK. Here's the thing. I am a graphic designer. I look at everything with an open mind. But I draw the line at goats. I like edgy. I like different. I like accidental good things. I don't like everything I appreciate, but I can understand it. BUT all good design has some semblance of scale and proportion within itself - always! Most good design has a resonance to it that draws you in to look and look again. In one sense Buell does this, but it's more a case of trying to work out what is going on. The best comprehension I have is that Erik Buell has made different his marketing mantra, irrespective of design goodness or badness and has resolved never to "sell out" to normality. In many cases he has started with pre-existing elements and just added "stuff". Take the 1125 models. I know you are looking at an unfaired (and possibly older) model, but really it is the 1125R minus some of the stuff.



    Now here's a really interesting question. Does this:


    look any more or less Buell? It's got plenty of stuff.

    I think that Erik Buell has some great mechanical ideas, but I would hate to see how he shapes everything else around him that isn't a motorcycle.

    On the other hand, I think the Triumph Speed Triple is gorgeous and I always have.





    There are plenty of examples. Stare long and hard at a Ducati Monster and you'll find it hard to spot a bad view of it. Miguel Angel Galluzzi had a sense about him.
  10. graphic design eh?
    well, I make ROADS!
    And I reckon they look just lovely.
    My perception is far better than yours.
  11. Some more. XB12S.




    Now, following on from the idea of scale in design, consider that none of the riders here look all that tall. A very funny friend of mine once likened the amusing visual of me riding an XR80 to that of a "dog rooting a golf ball", and at my height I tend to make most things look small, but I can't find any pictures of something like the XB12 or XB9 with even a normals sized rider that don't have that whiff of "DRAGB" about them.

    These looked especially strange from the front or the back where you could see the asymetry.

    And the show stopper.
  12. I object! :LOL:
  13.  Top
  14. mac im afraid i just cant agree. i look at them and design wise they are one of the few that look complete, where as a designer you see bits and pieces. perhaps you think too much :p . the monster? i hope your not serious. the little spider web does it for you? not knocking ducatis, i like em. but buell every day of the week and the day after that for looks imo.
  15. I would've thought as a graphic designer you'd have more appreciation for Buell...but maybe it takes more of an engineering mind-set to appreciate it. Most of the things that stand out in his designs are there for the reasons that can be at least justified on some sort of logical grounds. Whether you'd agree or approve is another matter but they certainly aren't there 'just to be different'.

    Take the 1125 model - the scoops are the way they are for technical reasons, so is the screen. Then you have the usual Buell mantra of Mass Centralisation, Chassis Rigidity and Low Unsprung Weight... and the result... yeah, it's kind of ugly but it is also functional. It has the same sort of appeal that military hardware can have, as the result of caring not a bit about style but only about doing the job.
  16. oh is this what some may not like in the style?

    see to me they look like pitbulls or staffies. i love bulky small nugget things. to me with its edgey styling thats way more wicked than some graceful flowing skirty thing.

    perhaps it is too grrrr, to ballsy, to blokey for some. but i think its the ducks.
  17. Already acknowledged the thinking behind lots of his stuff, but this is about sexy isn't it? Tori Spelling has all the parts there, but not one of them fits visually with any other one. :LOL:

    Example. I like these:


    But I wouldn't say they are sexy. I do find them hard not to like because of the history and the character. I don't think I'd get that far with a Buell because I doubt I actually fit on one.
  18. i sense sarcasm mac.

    i think comparing a buell to a defender is very odd. perhaps to a dodge viper i can understand.
  19. Gotta admit I'm a bit of a fan. Having said that, I'd probably rather the new Harley XR1200 and to hell with all the weird crap and under the bike gonna heat up your tyre muffler. I know what Buells are about, and its great...apparently they're a blast to ride. But I think if I was going to get a bike for looks there'd be other candidates. Personally, I'd either cafe or bobber a bike. A bike by me, for me.

    Cheers - boingk