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Do bikers have a BAD reputation?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Yes, we do.

  2. Yes, but i don't think it's a fair one.

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  3. Yes and I'm guilty of contributing to the bad image.

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  4. NO, not at all!

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  1. It's a generalisation that bikers are rebels.

    We like danger, we are reckless.

    My question is do you think bikers have a bad reputation?

    and your views
  2. Yes we do and i add to it and damn it feels good!

    You know the idiot that pulls a wheelie and doubling the speed limit through a crowded street with cars and people everywhere...yeah...thats me. :roll:
  3. Made mistake on Poll:

    One more Option:

    ""NO, not at all"" say that in your reply if you don't think so.
  4. there are those drug dealers who ride cruizers so thats probably where it started. then there are gangs that call themselves satansomethingorrather.

    we people are generally idiots and tent to associate most things without much thought.

    some dumb ar$se said it was a good idea to rub a puppies nose in its waste to toilet train. how did something THAT STUPID get out and propergate? we are nothing but a bunch of thoughtless idiots.

    not netriders tho. netriders are what the world should be.
  5. don't think so. otherwise there won't be an increase in riders :grin:
  6. Of course we do.
    No-one remembers the biker quietly filtering through traffic - he goes pretty much unnoticed.
    But EVERYONE, remembers theat one idiot that does something stupid.

    I've got nothing against Harleys...but everytime one of those things idles up next to someone with that obnoxiously loud exhaust that grates on peoples nerves, we all suffer the poor rep.
    (I like a good sounding exhaust, loud or not - Harleys are just loud! - and have never sounded good)

    There!...I said it... :p
  7. Well I've been driving a car for over 4 years. I have seen a fair few reckless riders who are taking risks they shouldn't have been.
  8. Is it possible for someone to talk more shit than this guy?
    If you can wheelie a 250 at double the speed limit (assuming 80 if 40 zone), which would equate to about 3rd gear. I'll eat my helmet.
    Mate you need a few more years or riding real bikes under your belt before you get the right to brag like you do.
  9. Maybe i have those so called years under my belt allowing me to brag like i do.
  10. Judging by the garbage you post I find that incredibly hard to believe.
  11. Oh sh!t not another P!SSING contest :!:
  12. We definately have a bad public image. Just like P platers, or modded car drivers. Though I think we are just seen as reckless, not a danger to the community like bikie gangs - it wasn't that long ago that there was no difference between a bikie and a biker in the eyes of the public.

    But if we are being honest with ourselves, I don't think there would be a member here who hasn't done something to contribute to it at least once. And as long as 300kph bike chases make the news, it ain't about to change soon.
  13. We do not have a bad image generally in the population. There are people who don't like bikers, but there are people who dn't like, P platers, Asians, Pauline Hanson, John Howard, Greenies, capatalists etc etc etc.

    I think we as a community look for criticsm when none exists.
  14. First of all, Greeninja has gone Poll crazy... He loves the poll right now...

    Secondly, Cleverlie, I have no doubt that you can wheelie youre 250. I also agree that it is possible, and very probable, that you could frequently exeed the speed limit by double the posted legal speed, however, the act of combining both of these does seem quite improbable.

    I do not doubt youre riding ability, as Outbreakmonkey has, but perhaps you meant that you do wheelie, and exeed the speed limit, on seperate events, not at the same time... If you are saying that you do wheelie and exeed speed at the same time, i concur with Outbreakmonkey in saying that you are a bit full of it, but then again I can't do it myself, and I dont know what hecktic modifications are done to youre bike.

    You are correct in describing yourself as an idiot, as all would agree, as a crowded street with cars and pedestrians is no place for stunting and speeding. I will admit that when I had a liscence, I was just as irresponsible and reckless as you. You will soon realise that there are places to have fun, and other places to ride sensibly. It is ok to put yourself at risk, in an environment where the likelyhood of causing injury, damage or death to others is minimal. Doing a wheelie in a crowded street is cool, until you drop your front wheel into a baby pram or suchlike, or have youre face imbedded in the side of an un-indicating taxi.

    Yes, we motorcyclists are seen as being "Badasses", becouse we rebel from the norm. We risk our lives everytime we get on the bike, no matter how careful we are. Most motorcyclists are socially different in a way, yet similair to eachother, as we are part of an unnoficial club. It is acts like you have described that give us a bad name.
    I personally wouldnt call you an idiot if I saw you pop sick monos in a crowded place, especially on a 250, i'd probably think it was pretty cool. More so becouse youre on a 250. I too will eat my helmet.
  15. Erm, i didn't say i do it on a 250. :?
  16. Clumsy internet boast of the year goes to ... Cleverlie.

    Double the speed limit mono through traffic heh?

    Your posts are like a twelve year old who is learning to touch themselves for the first time. Only instead of the privacy of there own room, you happen to spew it all out over the internet.

    I hope the crap you drivel wipes off my shoes.
  17. Geez i even had a eye rolling smiley at the end of it all to say it was a half assed joke.
  18. VtrElmarco, thats a bit steep mate... Settle down tiger.
    Cleverlie, maybe you should have said so that you wernt on the 250. Still, act of stupidity none the less, no matter how much of a moto-boner I would get if I saw it.
  20. Ok so what if he likes to dribble like a child. I often dribble crap on these forums like a child. :nopity: Ego and karma, well lets just say its like chalk and cheese and everyone experiances it. Welcome to generation Y.