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Do an advanced riding course!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typhoon, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I just did one today with Stay Upright in Canberra, and judging by the level of riding I see daily, you are kidding yourself if you think you won't learn anything.
    I picked up so much information, and learnt a lot of new, CORRECT skills that I am looking forward to using daily. I was not a dangerous rider, but that was because I knew I had some bad habits and would not let myself get into situations I wasn't happy with.
    The Fairbairn Park cicruit is great, it is NOT a huge racetrack, but has many difficult corners in a very short space, so if you just want to belt around and see how much you can wear your knee sliders (and probably chuck the bike away) go do a track day. If you are not consistently hitting corners very well every time, or have speed control issues in and out of corners, this course is for you. Instructors teach skills, racetracks do not.
    You'll also learn correct emergency braking, obstacle avoidance, where to look in turns etc. Stuff you will actually use.
    It's not so much that you will learn the correct ways, but that you are shown them and have time to practice and refine these ideas and techniques to suit yourself and your bike.
    I am a lot more confident in slower corners now, and my road positioning is 100% better than what it was. I was running wide on corners, had poor control of entry speeds etc.
    I found myself some new, higher and much safer limits and actually scraped a foot today (foot was resting on brake pedal :shock: )
    There is no controlling of speed by the instructors, go as fast or slow as you like. Once I got some confidence up with tighter corners, I chose to go faster! :twisted:
    Here's what happens when 270 kgs of bike gets pushed around a small, tight track-
    Everyone tehre had a top day, and every skill level was represented. Kudos for the three P platers there, and a few older riders who had had big scares or an off and were using the course to learn new skills and face demons.
    SO, if your head is worth a $500+ helmet, is not your bike and body worth $250?

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Sounds great, unfortunately it was belting down rain and I had just put new brake pads on when my tax-payer funded course was on so I didn't get to go...definitely looking forward to the next opportunity.

    Thanks for the write up!
  3. Thanks for the write-up Typhoon. I'm looking at doing the intermediate one soon. Looking forward to it.
  4. Got a bit of tyre left there mate. ;)
  5. Mate you will love the Intermediate course, I did mine a couple of years ago. You will learn so much up there in NT... They have done so well up there with Motorcycle riders...

    If you can afford it and get the time, do the Advance course on the track. Best thing you will ever do on a bike...
  6. whch ones are worth the $$ .. stay upright or aus superbike school?
  7. Stayupright focuses on Roadcraft. Bike control and road skills.
    Superbike school teaches Racecraft. Bike control.
    Personally I've done 7 rider training day over the last 3 years..learn something new each time, and practice some of the old skills safely.
    First I'd recommend a StayUpright Advanced followed by their Cornering and Braking Course..before doing a Superbike School, which I'm planning for next year. You never stop learning mate.

    There both worth the $$$.

    Andrew, I had trouble passing a GSX750R at Broadford, quite happily catch him in the corners, but we're not allowed to pass there, and on the 2 straights he'd blow me away, until he rolled off a bit early on an entry. The pegs touch down before you run out of grip too, that will get rid of those nipples in the pic that are still there :wink:
  8. So would you advise P platers to go along then or wait until you are on a more powerful bike?

    I noticed when I was applying for insurance with insuremyride that you get a discount if you have been on advanced courses by the way so maybe come of that $250 can actually be offset by your cover!
  9. Go now. You will learn so much, especially as a P plater. There were three P platers on my course, and their riding and more importantly, attitudes improved dramatically through the day.
    Everything you learn will serve you well no matter what bike you ride.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Speak for yourself Typhoon

    My tyres look like that anyway and I have never done an advanced rider course, I guess im just a talented natural rider already.
  11. I was told that it pays to do the intermediate course first...so I'm doing that as well. :grin:

    Atlas - do both! :grin: :grin: There's a few netriders on 250's looking at doing Superbike school level 1. Perhaps we should put up an 'express your interest' thread about it. :grin:
  12. I did the "advanced skills" course through Stay Upright a few Sundays ago. It was the first day in months to be pissing down rain but it was well worth it. I'm still on restrictions, in fact i've only been riding 8 months or so, but the emphsis isn't not on going fast, but staying safe (going fast is a side effect of correct technique though). I've learnt things which i'm gonna keep for the rest of the time i'm riding. Do it earlier and it's better value for money. Or go twice a few years apart.
  13. hey thanks for the feedback. i think ill do a stay upright course first and see how things go from there.

  14. You missed the entire point of the post, and with your obviously massive ego, would learn nothing at one of these courses anyway, as you know it all.
    Pretty cocky for someone just off P's, hope you don't pay in blood.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Nothing wrong with knowing that your a good rider.
  16. *Points at sign that says: Do Not Feed The Troll*
  17. I've only been riding for four months and I'm already better than Stoner!

    After reading this thread I'm booking in for the Stay Upright advanced course being held on October 20th. Still planning on doing the Superbike School at PI this year but I'm more interested in improving my road-craft at the moment...

    Would be cool to meet some fellow netriders there... :)
  18. I know, I couldn't help myself. When someone who posts up a few months ago about how they locked up teh front in a panic brake because they saw a police car, I assume their skills suck profoundly and their attitude is just wrong.
    If it ever sank in that one of these courses would save them a huge accident, I'd be happy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. You mean yours still have chicken strips too? :LOL:

    I'm not sure that came out quite like you wanted it to.
  20. Come on, no need to get nasty now, all I admit too is being a very good rider, some of you should come riding with me sometime.