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Do an Advanced Course [ADDED PICS]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. I was hoping that I wouldn't find myself doing this but I couldn't help it! :grin:

    Had corner school on tuesday and man did I learn bucketloads and get a shartload more confidence!

    I would recommend it to anyone. I had read tons of shit on riding and what to do but seeing an instructor in front of you demonstrate something around a corner is absolutely the most effective way of learning something.

    I started the day nervous as hell and was unsettling the bike on the slightest road surface change and by the end of the day was planting the knee into the road! :grin:

    If you're a newer rider or even someone who wants to take it to the next level do it!

    I'll post pics as soon as they arrive in the post cause I wanted to get them without the watermark :p

    The current ones are up on facebook if anyone wants to see


    If that link doesn't work just add Paul Giannakis :p
  2. I second this. I did the Stay Upright Advanced Courses I and II in NSW at Oran Park and I wish I'd done them sooner. Just after a few hours my riding technique improved dramatically, especially cornering. Being able to watch the Instructors lines and technique and getting one on one feedback is invaluable. I highly recommend these type of courses.
  3. pics dont work, add them photobucket or similar
  4. Okay Couldn't help myself, mods i own these but they are sending them on a CD, PM me if you would like me to send a receipt. Other then that, sorry bout the watermark as i wanted to take them now! :LOL:


    Any criticisms on technique are welcome, I was basically just feeling for the right way to do things and i'm sure there's things i'm doing wrong that were working to my detrement.

  5. Hey Not4,

    who did you do it through and how much did it cost. I've been thinking about something similar for the last month now.

    I have a spare $900 heading my way (Thank you Mr. Rudd) and was thinking about getting myself a new pipe for the bike. However I was reading some of the comments from a few of the wiser heads on this forum and one of the comments really stuck in my head:

    "you'll get more performance benfit by improving your riding technique than by any modifications you want to make"

    No point going fast in a straight line now is there.

  6. I like the way you think :wink:

    I went through the california superbike school, it focuses on just cornering so if you want to get quicker and more stable on the bike, this is the course for you.

    I've heard stay upright focus more on roadcraft and safety elements in that environment, based on this I went with the former but as per anything horses for courses.

    CSS was $430 for a day course and there's 4 levels, I did level one and want to go back to do level 2 ASAP! :LOL:

    They tape up your speedo and stop you from using your brakes as much so you get a much better feeling of your surroundings opposed to relying on the tools at your disposal.

    All in all i'd recommend this school to anyone who wants to feel more planted in a corner and remove some of the fear associated with keeling it over.

    Good luck with it :wink:

    Oh yeh forgot to mention, you have to wear leathers, you can rent them there for like 50 bucks and you can rent a Gixxer thou off them for another 300
  7. Did you rent one of their bikes or did you ride your own.

    I take it you're off your restricted license? Do they have any problem doing with you doing the course as a P plater?

    Does anyone know what the insurance implications are if you have a crash while on one of these courses? Do they cover the damage to your bike?

  8. I think you'll find it's a 600 that you can rent, not a thou.

    Zane, you are not covered for bike damage on track with most insurers, and if you rent you are responsible for repairs (if needed).
  9. You can rent their bikes. Its 300, but there is an excess of 3000 if you drop it. I know people who have. Ouch!
  10. I just read their small print re: rental on their website.. OUCH. I really would not want to drop one of the bikes.

    See below:

    Bike only= $299*
    Riding gear (1 piece or all)= $55*
    Package cost for bike & riding gear= $349*

    * This includes fuel and regular tyre wear, however an additional tyre levee may be imposed if tyre wear is considered excessive. A $1,000 deposit is required for every bike hiring, with an additional $3,500 excess applicable. Repairs are charged per accident to a maximum of $4,500. A $500 excess is applicable for every riding gear hire. This figure will be pre-authorised on your credit card 48 hours prior to your event. Alternatively, cash holdings for the above amount can be organised for the day of the event. You must provide a current unrestricted motorcycle license on the day of your hiring.
  11. what they slug u for the pics?
  12. yup, i was just gonna take em but i figured if i wanted to post them all over the internet, I would have to get the copyright. It wasn't too pricey though so don't mind.
  13. well done...the Superbike school is very good for anyone who has been riding for a year or two upwards, and needs to get their cornering skills sorted out.
    Afterall...where are we more likely to crash... :)

    Don't forget to practice - back on reg roads, it's easy to forget what you learnt.

  14. I really wanted to do the same thing but the chance hasnt really come around yet. I'm waiting for my 900 to turn up once it turns up I'll just fit my track fairings and head down there. The thing is I have a track fairings already but but never have to chance of using it.... :p
  15. Just a quick question, it looks like you have race rubber on your bike... is this a pre requisite?
  16. Doesn't look like race tyres to me, they look very sports tourer type.

    And no race rubber is not a pre requisite. Your tyres must not be on the wear markers however.
  17. Nah nothing special, just the michelin pilot roads, you can use slicks on the day if it's not too wet but 99% of the people on the day were using their road tyres.

    They do deflate them a bit though to help with warming up and helping them stick.

    I would suggest this course for anyone, if you're on L's, P's, open licence, 40 years riding, whatever. They taylor it to your riding level and style, there was a guy on a cruiser, plenty of sports tourers, some nakeds, a 250 and even a 125 racer kid was among the pack. It's bloody good fun and waiting for a bigger bike is a crap excuse and i wish i never made it. :wink: