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Do all ZZR250's sound like lawn mowers? or just mine

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Luke, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I just got my ZZR running and it really sounds like a lawn mower!

    Apparently it wasn't running for a while, so it needs a service etc.

    It just sounds really "lumpy" and I remember them being a bit smoother.

    am I going nuts?

    or has riding a 4cyl 250 for the past 6months made anything else seem wrong?
  2. All sound lumpy and like lawnmowers
  3. Have to agree all sound like lawn mowers
  4. ok, well at least I know there is nothing major wrong with it.

    It will do me fine until November. Then I can get another 4cyl, just bigger.
  5. Mine sounds worse when the engine's cold.....and when it's in neutral.....but yes, clunky.... :?
  6. No, 2smokers are lawnmowers. Ours just sounds like an old man snoring.
  7. Luke be careful sometime they sound like lawn mowers(well most of the time)
    But sometimes there is more noise than an old victa
    Means maybe big ends if it goes away when engine warms up then your sweet
    But if still there then check so posts and contact so of the guys on here who really know something
  8. Thanks for the tip.

    I'll change the oil, oil filter and plugs, and take it from there.

    It might need some fresh petrol too.
  9. i think i know what you mean mate, mine sounds a bit like a lawnmower too, been trying to figure it out !! :?

  10. lol donshe, i wonder why that is? did you read jareds post?
  11. #11 Luke, Jun 13, 2007
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    Thanks for the feed back guys...

    Its now serviced and it still sounds the same, but after watching all the ZZR250 youtube videos, they all sound exactly the same. Even the ones with less than 10,000 kms on the clock.

    On a side note, check out this nutter in Turkey:



  12. even brand new zzr250's and gpx250's sound like the bottom end is stuffed when they idle, QUARITY!
  13. yup...

    dont call them the kwactor for nothing...


  14. Lawn mowers are almost all singles.. I reckon that GPX/ZZR sound like small 4 stroke outboard motors.
  15. nah, not all. just yours and phizogs :LOL:
  16. Don't worry about it too much as they all do it. It is caused by the counter balance shaft. This shaft balances the crank shaft. At lower RPM they tend to sound out of balance (like a big end knock) but smooth out when the RPM increases.

    If your really worried about it get your local bike shop to have a listen.

  17. God they are a crappy sounding bike arent they!
  18. In the higher rpm they sound ok. It's just the idle and low rpm thats not good.

    I went for a ride to my brothers place the other day, when i went inside he said "I was wondering why someone was mowing there lawn so late in the day, then i looked out the window and noticed you on the bike!"

    Lucky i will be upgrading in a few months.
  19. lol my bike sounds like a lawnmower! Its a 2smoke rs 125 and everytime I go to my parents house they say 'so you rode your lawnmower over for a visit.' Last time I rocked up my old man said 'oh that was you revving the lawn mower in the driveway.'
  20. yep they do and don't forget gpx's sound the same too as the zzr shares the motor.