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do all racks fit all bikes?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Apr 13, 2010.

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  2. Do all racks fit all bikes....?

    Come on, you can do it. I reckon you can work this one out.

    Nice thread bro. :LOL:
  3. NO They dont,
  4. With some cutting and welding, you could make them fit.

    Try ringing Silverwater Spares, they may have the right one for your bike, or maybe use www.findapart.com.au....
  5. for the record... I bought a cbf1100 (i think?) gearsack rack from ebay, and fitted it to my VT250F
    the front section i just took out because theres nowhere to put it, but the brackets bolt on where my grab handles used to be, and with a little bending outwards it fits up nicely to the clamps on the rack.

    No it isn't perfect by a long shot, but it depends what you need it for and how often you use it.

    I got mine to carry a swag (waterproof sleeping bag with built in mattress) and it works great, but I leave it off the rest of the time just cuz it looks dodgy.

    Also when I went to pick it up I just brought a whole handful of cable ties to attach it with :p
    11 aircraft grade cable ties later and it was mounted so solid I coulda ridden off a cliff and it still wouldn't have budged :angel:



  6. Pretty much all racks can be made to fit all bikes.

    What it'll look like afterwards is another matter........
  7. Does one pair of jeans fit every chick ?

    Look into the Ventura system They are a bit more flexible and you can least remove the 'hoop' when your not using the rack.