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Do all helmets sound like a storm inside?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by shibby25, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Ok maybe this is a weird question, but I am really enjoying my riding, but the one thing that can ruin my experience is when im sitting on anything 90+ and all I can here is a storm in my helmet. The fit is right and if I close the vents it doesnt make any differance. If it was quiter inside it would be fantatstic. I ride a cruiser style bike with no shield, maybe this makes a differance. Whats it like on other bikes / helmets.

  2. mine's only loud with the vents open
  3. Wondering if you have an open or full face helmet ? I too ride a cruiser without a windshield but mainly find the wind resistance accross my chest and shoulders, only hearing the "storm" if my visor is up. Maybe try some disposable ear plugs ?
  4. I can hardly hear any noise inside my helmet over the carcophany of the voices inside my head.
  5. Yeah I'm coming tot he conclusion that you can't do much about it.

    some are better then others.

    Mine for example masks the noise a little, rather than doesn't make it in the first place.

    I had another that was good in a straght line, but as soon as you turned your your head it was defening. It was also pretty bad in the dirty air you get near the lip of a fairing.

    All you can do is tell us the brand and things may eventually get better
  6. I have a full face helmet, and its a Nitro if that helps, sorry im a noob too riding. Also perth is a windy place so that might make abit more differance too.
  7. My Shoei is awesome, very little wind noise inside the helmet.

    You get what you pay for.
  8. Yeah but for starting on i thought $300 for a helmet is reasonable.
  9. With all my helmets nolan open with screen and shoei xr1000 I find it is the fabric base that makes most the noise and plan on getting "whisper strips"for my shoei... shrug your shoulders while riding and see if that silences things and go from there
    Cup a hand around various bits of helmet to further narrow it down

    As for style of bike I find my naked bike quieter as the VFR800 faired bike throws turbulence at my neck level, that said with the higher screen on a FJR1300 things are really quiet

    That said when ever I am gonna do 80+ for a distance I use ear plugs
  10. Ear plugs...
  11. My $300 AGV is great for me. Fiberglass, SNES standard, fully removable liner. But you don't get decent ventilation, anti fogging or sound canceling until you pay 600+ at least. Solution to that wind? For long/fast trips consider earplugs, or get try riding with your ipod. Makes riding more fun IMO.
  12. I wasn't saying yours was cheap, it just was a statement :)
  13. Nintendo team up with AGV hey?
    Perhaps a little SNELL for your trouble.
  14. Hahah thanks for all the help guys, i like the ipod idea and have tried this but one of the ear plugs digs into my ear too much, so anoying after my ride home from work it took a week for my ear to recover. Maybe theres really small ear pieces out there.
  15. Yeah ear plugs for the win.

    Also in winter I wear a windsheeter with a hoodie, so I just pull that over before putting on my helmet and that helps a lot.

    Good ear plugs will totaly take away the sound of wind, its so sereine. :cool:
  16. No helmet will be whisper quiet. My HJC is pretty good though, even at hiway speeds.

    That said, earplugs are a must if you value your hearing. You cannot regain it once it's lost.
  17. Exactly.

    I've never owned a lid that was anywhere near quiet. I tend to be somewhat skeptical of those who claim that their lids are quiet. Either they're deaf or that I have overly sensitive hearing.

    Also, none of those who I go riding with are without hearing protection.

    I currently own an AGV which cost me nearly $700. Prior to that it was another AGV, both like wind tunnels. The lid prior to them was a Shoei. It was probably noisier, still.

    Unless you can immerse yourself behind a huge windscreen that protects you from all airflow, then it's my view that you'll never have a quiet environment. Of course, if you do ride such a bike, then you might as well be in a car. Look at Mouth's sig to see what I mean.
  18. I've tried HJC, KBC, AGV and Shark helmets. None of them cut out the wind noise although the Shark is quieter than the HJC and has little indents so that ear phones / ear plugs can be worn and IMO should be on any decent ride. I like my hearing and plan to keep it for as long as possible.

  19. My Nolan is about the best helmet I've had as far as keeping the wind noise out, and the only time I use ear plugs is when I have the Mp3 pumped up.
  20. it sounds like a rock party inside my helmet....