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Do 600cc bikes have steering dampeners?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rabbit, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I'm doing some research on 600cc bikes, and was wondering if the 600s have steering dampeners?

    I saw a youtube vid that said the cbr didnt have one, and an r6 vid that had a comment saying that it didnt have one either. (Although the r6 is way to tall for me)

    (sorry if its a dumb question :grin: )

  2. What do you want a steering damper for? (It's a damper, not a dampener, BTW...)

    In practise it tames the wobble you might get under acceleration over a rough surface. It can be fun, unless your bike is worn or out of adjustment in some crucial area(s). Fix faults before adding accessories!

    But they can look good, just for the sake of looking good...


    Trevor G

    PS And because you asked so nicely, "dampen" means to make wet, while "damp" means to reduce resonance or vibration. Which is why you fit a damper. ;-)
  3. Thanks :grin:

    The biker in the video review got a tank slapper on the cbr while testing it, and subsequently noted it as a potential problem.
  4. Potential problem for when you're riding it at the bikes full potential, but for average rider use (especially if you haven't been riding long? No way. If you end up with something and find the front has stability issues under accel, you can always get one for cheap (few hundred).
  5. the new cbr600rr (2007) has a steering damper.
    the suzuki gsxr600 also has a steering damper.

    i'm not too sure about the R6 or the zx6r as i've never been on one.
  6. Well before you go correcting anyones grammar, perhaps you should check the dictionary yourself, rather than make yourself look silly!

    So actually you use a dampener to damp the sideways movement of the handlebars, and if it's a wet day you might get damp doing it as the rain dampens your leathers which in turn dampens your spirits! :LOL: :p
  7. Eeek, we're getting a wee bit anal now!

  8. Hmmm...hang in there mate. ;-)

    I read your "quotes" really hard but could not find the word "dampener" in any of them.

    It doesn't exist in erudite technical writing concerning shocks or steering devices for cars or motorcycles or similar devices. It is a wholly made-up word for those who don't realise that dampen already is the verb - you don't need to add "er"!

    Take it easy :)

    Trevor G
  9. Adding 'er' makes it a noun. The name of something that dampens.
  10. i always though it was dampner ?

    Some new trails have them now!!
  11. Re: Do 600cc bikes have steering dampers?

    That's fantastic! Like "bring, brang, brung" - if we don't like the way english works, we just make it up as we go.

    Actually, since it doesn't "dampen" according to your very own definition posted earlier, that still leaves "damp" or "damping" as the action, and "damper" as the device itself. After all, that's what it has been for the last 100 years or more, in both the automotive and motorcycling world.


    Trevor G

    PS I believe it's actually a flow-on from the musical world where the same terms "damp" and "damping" have been in use for much longer (centuries), to describe the effect of reducing the natural resonance (or vibration) of an instrument. That's exactly what the steering damper does.

    Ideally a forum like this is meant to inform, rather than promote someone's personal interpretations...
  12. Some bikes are known to have the wobbles, Some more serious then other. Due to geometry and design. Sometimes steering damp.. are installed to slow the steering.

    IMHO i would much rather invest in a dampener(whatever the correct spelling is) so that the shakes are reduced. Big tank slappers are scary.
  13. And get your suspension set up correctly! That will do as much to reduce the wobbles as a steering dampener, if not more.
  14. Yes very true. Got my suspension rebuilt revalaves resprung etc and it was rock solid. The steering dampener made it stiffer(that i prefer) and reduced the effects of the rare wobble.
  15. Crapspackle!


    I took my little RGV250 out for a fang on some really shitty roads the other day and managed to survive a massive tankslapper under acceleration. I was almost upright, so nowhere near 'the bike's potential'. Accelerating over corrugated or bumpy roads can easily cause a tankslapper on a bike with a steep steering angle (and yes, I know this usually indicates a design fault blah blah blah :LOL: ).

    Oh, and Triway - it's a damper! If you read your own quotes carefully you'll see the answer in there... :) Alternatively, you can look here:

  16. i use one for no hander wheelies, stoppies and acrobatics... for the record its an f4i with a scotts top mount.
  17. Thanks for the replies.... :grin: