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DNA - whats in yours?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. guys with the car world sharing/swapping DNA amongst many brands these days.


    etc etc

    what does YOUR bike DNA have in it. i dont have the knowledge i would like to have in mbike models...but so far i do know this.

    Honda and Bmw have shared, or do share DNA with Kymco
    MZ/Suzuki (early 60's 2 strokes)
    Suzuki and Hyosung shared DNA
    porshe and harley davidson (Vrod engine)

    like to know more if you got it....
  2. Its more complicated then you think

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  3. kawasaki and suzuki shared a few models for a while...
  4. Zundapp and BMW with Ural and Dnepr.

    Zundapp with VW (not a bike, I know, but Reimspeiss who designed the VW engine was previously a Zundapp engineer).

    DKW with MZ, BSA, Harley-Davidson (oh yes :twisted:) and Minsk.

    Triumph with BSA in a variety of rather incestuous ways. Most are more hybrids than a DNA share, although Val Page, who is better known for his work at BSA, was originally with Triumph and designed their little-known pre-Turner parallel twin.

    AMC (that's AJS and Matchless) with Norton. More hybrids.

    Villiers with Jawa/CZ.

    BSA with Kawasaki (go and look at an early W1 engine. Legend has it that the prototype still had the three stacked rifles logo on the timing cover :D).

    Honda with just about every Chinese bike manufacturer.

    Kawasaki with Suzuki. Not really official, but the GS engine was, basically, a Z1 copy with the bugs ironed out.

    Kawasaki with Triumph. Again, not sure about how official it was (though I know there was considerable consultation between Triumph engineers and their Japanese counterparts), but there's a strong resemblance between the early Hinckley Triumphs and the GPZ900R. Triumph have been criticised for this in some quarters but I see no shame in copying some of the better aspects of the bike that rewrote the book.

    Honda with Benelli.

    Triumph with Benelli(?).
  5. ^^ Those Brit makers were fairly incestuous, huh?!
    I suspect they were all just checking to see if the others had working electrics yet...
  6. Just like the royal family.
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  7. I think all the brit makers were the same company at one time...
  8. During the 70s we had NVT (Norton-Villiers-Triumph) which pretty much represented the last few survivors clinging to the liferaft and drawing straws to decide who was going to get eaten :D.
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  9. Geez, I set you all up for a "Lucas, Lord of Darkness" joke and nothing....
  10. That's right Pat, it was the same with cars, with British Leyland absorbing many brands that had been bitter enemies, before it itself sank without a trace and took the brands with it.

    Ampto, that's got to be the post of the year :rofl:....
  11. True, but, to be fair, Chrysler UK did something similar with even more destructive consequences. Ford were probably the best of the big boys but even they merited no more than a "Could do better".
  12. Do i get an award? :p yes i know its car related but still shows how complicated the automotive industry is.

    Heres another one showing the British car groups and leyland takeover

  13. They're not old enough to know....

    they think all triumph's are bug eyed wonder bikes with 3 cylinders and no oil leaks...

    sad really....
  14. I never got the whole prince of darkness thing either. Lucas stuff wasn't any worse than the other stuff around at the time. With the exception of Bosch but nothing was as good as bosch.
  15. Lucas Aphorisms

    Lucas - Prince of Darkness

    Lucas - Inventor of the first intermittent wiper.

    The three position Lucas switch - Dim, Flicker and Off.

    Or what about the other 3 settings: Smoke, Smoulder and Burn?

    "The British drink warm beer because they have Lucas refrigerators."

    "I have had a Lucas Pacemaker for years and never had any trou..."

    How to make AIDS disappear? Give it a Lucas parts number.

    Lucas systems actually use AC current; it just has a random frequency
    that's all.

    It is not true that Lucas, in 1947, tried to get Parliament to repeal
    Ohm's law. They withdrew their efforts when they met too much

    QA called and told the engineer they had trouble with his design
    shorting out so he made the wires longer.

    Recently, Lucas won out over Bosch to supply the electrical for the
    new Volkswagens. So, now the cars from the Black Forest will come with
    electrics supplied by the Lord of Darkness -- how appropriate!

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.
    Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb.
    Joseph Lucas invented the Short Circuit.

    Recommended procedure before taking on repair of Lucas equipment:
    Check the position of the stars, kill a chicken, and walk 3 time
    sunwise around your bike chanting "Oh, mighty Prince protect your
    unworthy servant..."

    Lucas is an acronym for Loose Unsoldered Connections and Splices.

    The Prince's last words to his son: "don't go riding after dark"
    The Lucas motto: "Get home before dark."

    Lucas denies having invented darkness. But they still claim "sudden, unexpected darkness"

    Lucas--inventor of the self-dimming headlamp.

    Lucas dip-switch positions: HIGH and BLOW

    The original anti-theft devices--Lucas Electric products.

    If Lucas made guns, wars would not start either.

    Did you hear about the Lucas powered torpedo? It sank.

    To owner of a Land Rover: "How can you tell one switch from another at night, since they all look the same?" Owner: "It doesn't matter which one you use, nothing happens!"

    During the 1970's, Lucas diversified its product line and began manufacturing vacuum cleaners. It was the only product Lucas ever offered which didn't suck.

    Lucas Quality Control often advised the engineering department that their designs had problems with shorting out. Engineering always made the wires a little longer.

    Not many people know that Triumph attempted to market a computer. Why did they stop? They could not find a way to get it to leak oil!

    A Norton doesn´t leak oil, it marks it´s territory.

    Did you hear about the man whose Norton didn't leak oil? The factory took it back and worked on it until it did.
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