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  1. Well, I got to ride this today..
    what a strange bike.. very comfy to ride, enough power for most, and the auto cvt gearbox is a hoot..

    Honda dont quite know where to market this bike, and it currently is listed in the Cruiser section on Honda's website..

    actually looks a lot better in the flesh than the pics I have seen..

    quite expensive at $16,990 +orc.. but you are paying for a very advanced transmission and some funky styling etc.. oooh and nice projector headlights too...


  2. Everyones entitled to their opinion I guess :LOL: :LOL: I must admit that it does look slightly better in the flesh than the new Fireblade :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . WTF is going on at Honda. Is there some sort of ugly competition happening that we don't know about?
  3. this bike was built as a concept bike for the Tokyo show IIRC.. there was apparently an overwhelmingly good response to this and Honda decided to run with it..

    A few years ago people were moaning that Honda was building boring bikes.. now they are building a few "out there" bikes and people are moaning they are ugly and rediculous..

    oh well.. you win some, you lose some I suppose..
    we have dubbed the DN01 - The Shark at work as it really looks like one side on..
  4. I'd love to ride one, I hope I get the chance.
  5. I'm picking one up tonight from Honda for a few days loan - I'm riding in the Myer Christmas pageant so I'll post up a review next week.

    The exhaust is ugly - the rest of it I rather like- I think it's a love it or loathe it type styling. But then that's the case with my R65LS as well.

  6. Bwahahaha I bumped into an AMCN reporter a few months back when he was test riding the DN01. I was on the WeeBR at the time, gearing up to go from Sussex St in Sydney, and Jeff (who was on the sp-1) and I both turned around and went :-O

    He then politely asked the man: "If you don't mind me asking, what the fark is that???"

    We then proceeded to coo and sit on the bike. Gotta say though it's got an uber low seat - something I'm utterly obsessed about - although the lack of a clutch made me feel jittery. The red looks hawt, engine sounds pretty damn cool, and has the upright position of a very comfy sports tourer. Other than that from my miniscule knowledge on bikes I thought it was a very odd machine indeedy.
  7. Back then I had a good response to it myself but at that stage I thought it was going to be a proper muscle bike, sort of like a V-Max with auto. I didn't know they were going to shove a Deauville engine in it and market it as some sort of a toy for cashed up but clearly confused yuppies... because as it stands, I see no other market for this thing. Not outside of Japan, anyway... Actually, this is probably the answer: it was really built for the Japanese market, selling it overseas is just an afterthought.

    I don't. I moan about it being underpowered and very heavy while lacking weather protection and storage space. This combination making it particularly ill-suited to any application or market niche that I can think of.
  8. so a typical cruiser then ??? :roll: :roll:
  9. But without the "cool bad boy" factor. :wink:
  10. Yes, except that at mere 700cc the cruiser crowd won't take it seriously either.
  11. Two words....... FAG CHARIOT !
  12. at 16990+ there are a lot of cruisers that i don't feel would be underpowered :shock: at 10000 my M50 would want to be a better ride but i'm not short :)
  13. Saw one of these in the flesh at a honda dealer, not a bad looking bike. Wish the lights sloped upwards, not downwards though.

    Can't help but feel like its targeting a non-existent market. A 17 grand 600cc automatic upright motorcycle? Seems a bit like a scooter, except its too expensive. Seems a bit like a tourer, cept its engine is too small. Not enough chrome or engine for a cruiser.

    What is it?
  14. believe it or not, but there are actually people in this world who dont want the most powerful whatever.. just something easy to ride and in their opinion looks good...

    there is a market for these.. perhaps not as big here in Oz where most males measure their penis size by the size of their engines.. but in Europe where the men are a little more less macho.. and they are heavily taxed for big engines and fuel is $$$$$$ - to them it makes sense.. :wink: :LOL:
  15. Yes there are such people indeed and I am one of them - I rode a cb250 for three years and I currently own a 'stable' consisting of Er-6 and a Bug 125cc scooter (just upgraded from 100cc Piaggio). In short, I think my credentials are impeccable in this respect. Yet I still think this bike manages to fail in most peculiar and spectacular way because it honestly just isn't any good at ANYTHING. Let me count the ways, just because it's fun:

    - as a sensible bike it just isn't very sensible. In this department it falls well short of any mid-size scooter which will have the same performance while being lighter, better for carrying stuff and offering more protection from the weather/wind and probably better fuel economy, while still providing CVT and costing about half as much. Non-macho, European males (yes, they do exist) and commuters of all kinds will be better served by a scooter.

    - as a tourer, it is certainly heavy (or to put it charitably, stable) enough. But it lacks wind protection, and has no storage space whatsoever, nor does it have any optional luggage or any way to attach your own. Being 700cc, it will probably lack in performance as well, certainly for those who travel two-up. Basically even as a modest performace tourer it is soundly trashed by Honda's own Deauville, which uses the same engine while costing less (I think?)

    - as a sportsbike, it is outperformed by just about anything on two wheels, and that includes most pushbikes :)

    - as a cruiser, it just isn't big and macho enough to warrant serious consideration.

    - finally, even in the basically uncontested category of 'bikes with auto transmission' it still manges to come distant second to its only rival, the Aprilia Mana which makes far better bike AND a better scooter while costing no more.
  16. well they are selling well in Europe and Japan, so obviously people there have differing views to you (and most other Australians to be honest) ..

    fact is, it has no category.. Honda came up with "Sport Cruiser" because they could not think of anything else..

    but, I'm not here to defend it.. in fact.. if I were designing it, it would have had a great big twin.. like the 1800 out of the VTX.. but perhaps the cvt is not yet strong enough to deal with the torque generated by such a moster motor..

    If companies like Honda did not make bikes like this i.e. out there and "failing in so many ways".. we would be without some of the best bikes in History like the CBX "6", the great NSR500, the NR750 or even the humble RVF400 and mighty RC30..

    progression happens.. and in a few years we'll see how many "real" cruisers have auto's.. in a few years when fuel costs $3/L we'll see how many can afford to run fuel guzzling bikes..

    regardless.. like it or loathe it.. hats of to a Company for trying something different..
  17. Hey, the guy's got a point! Innovation doesn't always work, but if someone doesn't occasionally have a go, we'd all be riding Bonnevilles wouldn't we?

    I don't like it, but I don't knock Honda for having a try. Do any of the other 'big 4' have such an illustrious track record of innovation?
  18. So how is that 'progression', though? Yes, I believe you have a point there - I think the race for ever bigger and meaner machines has reached its peak and from now on we'll be downsizing. In 10 years or so we'll probably be where we started from, with 750cc machines considered huge. And we will see many bikes with auto transmissions, and we'll see the lines between bikes and scooters blur. None of it fills me with any great joy, which is probably one of the reasons I don't like DN01. But more to the point, I don't care what will be 10 years in the future - this bike is being sold now and it has to make sense NOW. Because I'm not going to buy it today and mothball it for 10 years, am I?
  19. no you wont buy it now.. but many have.. and will..

    it is progression in that it is what Honda designers perhaps imagine the cruiser will look like "in the future".. it is progression in that it is the first automatic cruiser styled bike.. and it is a hydrostatic auto at that..

    it is also the first Honda "cruiser" with ABS.. and a single sided swingarm..

    anyway.. I'm sure there was this discussion in the early 70's in pub's all over Oz about the new CB750 four.. and how disk brakes where the devil and how Japanese bikes were crap..

  20. Hi Guys,

    these have been discounted to $10,990 ride away in many places. At this price it looks like a good step forward for my wife away from a scooter. It's cheaper than a cb400.

    the Mrs does not want to learn manual and the low seat height makes this bike very interesting. If we get one I'll put up a review.