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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by champs, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. :?: Hi guys I am new to this forum & I know you heard it all before. Not this old chestnut but here goes, I am looking for an allrounder. The vstrom is great I know I have owned 1 but the Hyosungs seem to great value, $3000 cheaper. What do ya reckon? Go for the Vstrom or save heaps of dough with the GT? They would both do what I want but what about being reliable & resale? Line up & give me your 2 cents worth. Cheers. :?

  2. Vstrom. The end.
  3. DR650. $6800.

    If you want something more onroad, it's my humble opinion the Vstrom would be worth every cent of the price difference there.
  4. Go for the hyo.

    Just kidding :LOL:

    Seriously you get what you pay for in this case, the hyo is too unreliable (run a search) and the chances of it spending most of its life at the dealer are too high imo. The DL is bulletproof and more of an allrounder.
  5. This story has a sequel.

    Vstrom II. The end.
  6. If price and resale are a concern - buy a 2nd hand V-strom.
  7. Strom no contest... not sure where you get $3000 from though, there's only $1200 between the 650S and the Strom
  8. Depending on what you're doing.. but for under $10k the strom is almost unbeatable value.
  9. :WStupid:
  10. Yep, good quality low km VStrom FTW
  11. Vstrom.
    "Worst kept secret in motorcycledom".
  12. Thanks for your reply guys, I knew what the answer would be. Some times you just need someone to kick some sense into you. Hey Stigger, The $3000 price difference comes from retail price of vstrom $9990 compared to the Comet naked $6990. I have found a 08 Vstrom ABS model demo in Grey with 1200klms.I can get it for $9300 ride away with 12mths reg & 2 year warrenty, I think I will go that way. I don't like the 09 colors of black(too hard to keep clean) or white(too boring). I beleive for a two up all rounder the vstrom will do me. Thanks for your input guys. Champs.
  13. Just to throw a spanner in the works, the word from a lot of V-Strom riders and bike reviews is that if you plan on pillioning a lot fo the time, the V-Strom 1000 may be a good option. The extra grunt comes in handy as with two up and panniers etc, the wee-strom can be a bit sluggish. Of course, it costs a few thou more and there are less of them around so less chance of picking up a choice second hand one.
  14. Weestrom.
  15. Get the Vstrom. It's a better bike.
  16. vstrom 14 hyo 0
  17. V-strom III ~ the thrilling final chapter... the end.
  18. plus one for the vstrom.....but just to throw the spanner in the works have you considered the sv650?
  19. Good point but really depends on the type of riding he wants to do. The naked 650 is retailing for $10K, I believe.
  20. I actually prefer the WeeStrom to the VeeStrom... it just feels more flickable (although of course the Vee does have more power).

    I'd say if you do a lot of two up work then think about the Vee, if you mostly ride solo then the Wee will probably be more fun.