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DL650 V-Strom I'm impressed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dsyfer, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Took a DL650 V-Strom for a bit of a ride today, and have to say I'm very impressed. It is so nimble and comfy as a commuter, and handled the twisties with a lot more capability than I thought it would. I am thinking of getting one for my daily. Using the GSXR1000 as a daily I'm constantly looking at the speedo and using $10 worth of tyres per day.

    And with the V-Strom I found that I could find out where that dirt road went when I saw one rather than wonder.

    It is a bike you don't have to think about, just ride it, waiting to try out the 1000.

  2. And the dual purpose phenomenon continues to spread..... (y)
  3. Some people say that 650 is actually better than 1000 and there might be something to it seeing how they discontinued DL1000 a while back but they keep making and selling the 650... BTW, was it the new model you rode?
  4. Very happy with mine.
    After riding nothing but 'road' bikes for 15 years plus, the Strom does all things well. Ganging through the twisties, 160kph fast open roads, dirt (see long way home thread in Vic rides this Weds coming) and commuting. Don't have that aggressive stance where you want to throttle it all the time. Happy to stick at the speed limit behind slower cars and take in the view. Seat could be better but that's it really. Get 440 from a tank, cheaper to insure and only 2 pots to worry about.
    Yep, happy with mine for sure. If only I could afford a good trackie....hmmmmmm.

  5. Interested to here how you like the 1000. Had mine for 2 years and love the comfort and heaps of go when you want it. 300 to 330k's per tank. Handles gravel and dirt roads pretty well. Love a bike that gets better the more you ride it. My commuter and weekend party machine.
  6. If you're after a bike nearer to the litre, try the TDM900... some say it's as nimble as the Weestrom but out-punches the 1000 and still gets 400kms per tank. They easily eat mile after mile of B and C roads, and can take all but the worst eroded fire trails whilst still on road tyres.
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    I can personally vouch for this. My tdm is still every bike into one without the multi strada price tag. But I'd say the key to this thread is the versatility of these type of bikes. I'm not kidding but mine will give me 500k out of my 20liter tank at hwy speed limits.
    Best thing is though is you ride bumpy twisties as if the bumps were not there.

  8. tdm is more road biased than the weestrom, both bikes have their strong and weak points.

    the vstroms suffer from too much weight on the front wheel when in proper off road going, need lower footpegs and higher bars to be more comfortable in the standing position.

    i have been pillioned around a supercross track on a tdm 850, that was an experience i will never, ever forget!!
  9. So it's done, picking up a new runout 11 model DL650 tomorrow.

    Went with the non-ABS model in black, because I wanted a black one and not sure about ABS yet, feels weird on gravel.

    B&B make a nice alloy bash plate that will go on (the oil filter looks like it's just waiting for a rock or wayward branch), and some hand guards for the morning chill factor. Should make for a comfy fun commuter that I can throw the kid on the back, he loves the gsxr but isn't comfortable for more than a quick ride.

    Will report back in a few days and a few hundred kms on the odo.
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  10. b&b bash plate is good because its basically like a big slider for when the bike bottoms out.
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  11. dsyfer, i picked up a new 2011 non-abs black wee in February and am stoked with it. Hope you are happy with yours. I'm out near Gawler if you want to go for a ride sometime?
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  12. Great decision. I tested the 100 and 650 back-to-back and was more impressed by the 650; a sweeter engine somehow. Jump onto ADVRider for plenty of WeeStrom tales.
  13. how do you like this weestrom?

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  14. Ok, second day impressions.

    Picked up the bike yesterday afternoon a black 2011 non-abs model, I saw it come out of the crate the day before, they also have a silver one all crated up.
    Got to ride 4kms back to work for a meeting until 5:30pm. Peak hour leaving the city yesterday afternoon would have normally given me the shits, sitting on the GSXR1000 hot air blowing on my legs from the thermos kicking in all the time due to the 30deg day. The DL650 however was comfy to sit on, very relaxed position, hands could just rest on the bars in a natural way. Sitting up higher and upright gives you a lot more vision of surroundings, easier to spot a gap or turning car further ahead, after riding the GSXR to work everyday this was really emphasised.

    The road cleared by the time I hit the hills, but seeing as the tyres had only 20kms on them I took it easy and started slowly scrubbing the tyres in. Was on dark by the time I got home (daylight savings) so got to see how good the headlights were. This is quite important to me as the last 15kms of my trip home is on single lane hills roads with no lighting. They performed quite well, and high beams throws pretty far down the road and is quite broad.

    Day two began at 6:30am today, still slightly dark, sun coming up over the hills, air nicely cold, bit of dampness but not uncomfortable. Road to myself, 15kms of 80kph twisty downhill tarmac. Riding the DL650 is kind of like the Yamaha XT600 with trail wing type tyres I bought for the Mrs, it feels very precise and quite nimble, and can pretty much corner at the similar speeds I was able to on the GSXR on the morning run to work (lot's of 25 & 45kph signed corners). Of course it doesn't have that instant shuttle launch power out of the corners as the gixxer, but I don't really need that on my way to work everyday. I found I was riding a lot smoother at more constant speeds with less braking.

    Took the back way home this afternoon via Gorge Rd so I could hit the dirt/gravel back road instead of coming up through Chain of Ponds, it feels very stable on the loose top gravel that collects on sections of the road, and handled the rutted section quite comfortably.

    Under 80kph I was riding with my visor up and the sun shade on the VisionR down, this allowed a nice breeze on the face, but no wind or bugs in the eyes.

    I do like the look of it, and it has grown on me more since yesterday. I would describe it as sort of a cross between a Jeep and a Katana style wise.

    Engine is adequate and pulls well above 5k, I'm not going nuts until I have changed the first oil out, but still giving it a bit.

    So far I am very happy with it, serves all the purposes I had envisioned for it.

    I did hear a few stones being flung on the gravel, so will be putting on a B&B bash plate and possibly the front guard extender, as it will be on a bit of gravel.
  15. It now has 260km on it, took the kid for a ride on the back, and the Mrs on her L's (first day) on the XT600.

    It was so easy to just wind the preload up and down for carrying a pillion.

    Went exploring a few more back roads after the L's lesson.



    Gotta figure out the helmet/screen situation, as when sitting on 100kph, and the visor shut, no air gets to the helmet vents and it gets a bit stuffy.
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  17. Theres an excellent V strom form called stromtrooper. Losts of tech tips and farkling advice.

    I picked up my 2012 wee in January as my every day ride and have just clocked up 6000ks. As an all rounder its the best bike I've ever had bar none. Commuting, touring, handling, ergonomics...... its brilliant. I've been really surprised by its chuckability through corners.