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DL 650 vstrom 09 - weight saving exhaust?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gra, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. trying to get the weight down a bit on the 09 weestrom (as well as not filling the huge tank). i would appreciate any suggestions for exhausts that take off signicficant weight (eg 5Kg +)? gra

  2. You've bought the wrong bike.

    Step 1: sell it

    Step 2: buy a sports bike
  3. any aftermarket exhaust will take off about 5kg. just get the cheapest one you can.

    unlike freddy i assume you want to save weight to improve its offroad ability.

    like freddy

    sell it

    buy dr650

    then strip the weight till its ~140kg

  4. +1 for the DR650.

    Great on road, not too shabby off either.
  5. DL650 as an offroader? Hadn't thought I've taking mine off road, it would be junk.

    Much better with the DR if that is your plan.
  6. Even though it wasn't designed apparently for off road the Vstrom is pretty bloody good at it, a friend on mine is always taking his to Fraser Island and the like, he does all his adventure touring on one and raves about it. He used to have a KTM if that makes any difference.

    After market pipes a always a heap lighter then the stock ones as they don't have a packing and EPA crap. I was amazed how heavy the stock pipe on my gsx 1400 was when I took it off.
  7. Huh? Even though it's aimed at the road end of the spectrum, the DL has always been a dual purpose bike in my mind.
  8. I suppose that's just it, what is dual purpose? Is it riding sand? Mud? Or just fire trails?

    After owning both the 1000 and 650 over the last few years there is nothing off road about a strom. Too much plastic, road suspension, cast wheels, too heavy, etc, etc. Don't get me wrong they are a great bike, that's why I got one! But they would be crap off road compared to a true dual purpose bike like a DR.

    I ride a KLX also and I would consider that dual purpose.
  9. Yeah i'd take it over a gs1200 any day.
  10. with my 100+kg on the back I need to do more than save 5kg on the exhaust. Time to lay off the pies I think.
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  12. There was a thread on (I think?) advrider - a bloke in Melbourne (?) stripped a wee down to turn it into a naked (IIRC he used an SV instrument panel and headlight). You can only just make out it's a DL-650. And it was Kawasaki green just to confuse matters even more. Looked great.

    Tried to find it, but it seems to have disappeared...
  13. look up mock on this site and you will find the bike
  14. thanks guys this is helpful and interesting. my use of the strom is mainly sealed road with limited "good" gravel road. this it seems to do well even with 2 or fully laden. and 5kg off the exhaust is a significant reduction specially being mainly up high. and point taken bout the DR - seems like a good low eeight alternative. gra
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