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DL 650 VStorm

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Cruzin, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Looking to upgrade from YZF600, adn considering the DL650. Seems to be a good all rounder.

    Any opinions???
  2. G'day Cruzin, and welcome

    Lots of people here like them a lot. They're a very nice mix of a fairly sporty engine and a fairly comfortable riding position, and go well. Others will have more detailed feedback.

    How good it will be for your purposes also depends on what you mainly want it to do.
  3. Two thumbs up. Exceptional comfort (I'm talking all-day comfort), great handling, nice motor with plenty of grunt, good for dirt roads, brilliant fun in the twisties, superb for touring, good fuel range, well built and bloody cheap for such a capable bike.

    Only drawbacks are its looks (if you give a rat's - I don't) and the fact that it's a very high seat, it's one of the few bikes that put me on my toes.

    I think it's a great bike, and I even prefer it to the 1000. Geddidintaya!
  4. Hey Thumbs up for the bike

    but then I am a bit partial since both hubby and I own one each :p

  5. Great bike, screen's a biatch if you're anything above average height, but mods available.

    Do a search on Strom here, quite a few happy owners.
  6. I have an 07 Strom, great bike (http://aamu.smugmug.com/gallery/4181636). I have a few extras bolted on and even with the extra load it runs really well. It's nice and tall, easy to move around on and comfortable.

    The screen issue is easily fixed with a few rubber washers to point it back a little. I generally get around 350K's with city riding and just over 400K's while touring.

    At the very least get the OEM hand guards and an after market skid plate to protect the underside and oil filter.
  7. Thanks for that, From what I have found seems pretty convincing. All to do now is go for a ride...
  8. That unit looks great...

    Needs bugs splattered on the front, and a mountain or three in the background of the pic!

  9. Tracey, have you had your bike lowered, or the seat sculptured?
    The 650 is high on my list, my only concern is the height.
  10. Caz

    I had mine dramatically lowered initially
    too much in fact as the bash plate would bang when I went round tight corners like on the GOR
    BUT when the suspension bedded the height was alot better.

    What I have done since a long sore trip to Mildura was sent the seat away to Two wheel trimming in Brisbane and the difference he has made is amazing, not only to height but to overall comfort (I have tailbone damage from when I was a teen).
    The lowering links are completely gone and with my Rossi boots which add a bit of height as well, I can now touch the ground with both feet, I even conquered a dirt ride through the Bunyip State Park last weekend. :dance:

    But if your interested Caz with your experience I would be more then happy to let you take a ride on mine to see how you felt, also if you decide to go down the road of the strom you can even have my old lowering links if you need them

    Let me know

  11. yes you did Tracey - and you did it easily... :wink:
    we need to get you out there again..

    I love my 'Strom.. it takes me everywhere I want to go in comfort..
    is heaps of fun on dirt roads if that's your thing..
    and handles the twisties pretty well
  12. I've been undecided between the CB400 and SV650SU as a first road bike for a while, checked out a DL650 this morning. It seems to combine the best of those 2, the comfortable riding position and static balance of the CB, with that gem of a V-twin. Funnily enough it doesn't feel as tall to me as the spec suggests. I get the balls of both feet on the ground easily and the bike sits easy... I was even able to keep it balanced at standstill for a couple of seconds with my feet off the ground.

    I got interested in bikes again when I heard about new LAMS bikes like the CB400, but I'm not sure now that mid-sized LAMS bikes are really a good option for someone who can go straight from L's to unrestricted. I really like the CB but I think I'd outgrow it fairly quickly. The SV650SU sounds good as well, but there isn't a consensus on whether it can be deresticted easily later and keep Mr Plod and the insurance company happy. Plus I don't think I could live with the 'bars.

    So it looks like my best option is to get onto a 250 as cheaply as possible for 3 months or so then sell it again when I pass MOST and jump onto a Wee-Strom.
  13. It depends what you want in a bike.

    For a daily ride/commute the CB400 has me won. I don't lust after more power though, which you just might.
  14. My daily commute is an hour each way... from the outskirts of Newcastle up the valley past Singleton. A comfortable, relaxed mile-eater is what I'm looking for... something torquey enough to cruise in top gear and overtake with one kick down.

    A CB400 frame with a 650 - 800cc V-twin, good headlights and a windscreen would be ideal. The DL comes damn close to matching that spec IMHO.

    I started off looking at the XVS650, but the more research I did, the more I heard that cruising over any sort of distance paradoxically wasn't really something that cruisers do all that well.
  15. Picked up my 08 ABS 650Strom Sept and straight after its first service went down to the MOTOGP via the coast roads. Didn't miss a beat, averaged @425 ks out of a tank. The tank and overall price are the biggest winners for me.
    Buffeting gets a bit of a problem for me @80-100 kmh but evens out a tad after. The screen has been fully adjusted but my Zeus helmet (visor) probably doesn't help that much.
    My hands get numb after a couple of Kms but I am looking at some anti vibe bars and some gel gloves to help with that.
    12v socket is handy, so are the hand guards (also have radiator guard and crash bars) but like the others I am looking at a bashplate too.
    I am just mucking around with the settings on the rear suspension and when I get game I might have a go at the front. The venturer bag system suits me fine.
  16. For the buffeting, you can install madstad brackets.
  17. + 1 best mod I have done on my Wee, makes a huge difference.
  18. Hello, first post here

    Apart for the obvious, whats the difference between the 650 & 1000. Is there any reason to go for the 650 ahead of the 1000?
  19. If you're a short-arse like me the 650 is really the only choice. The 650 is a bit lower, a bit lighter - therefore easier to handle on dirt roads - and more km on a tank (they both have a 22l tank as I understand it)

    I guess it boils down to how tall you are and how much grunt you want...