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DJ Howard

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Sorry if it's a repost, but you'll live!


  2. Lets sing the birthday song, (Almost) 21 today, 21 (days) today ;)


    *edit* It is AWESOME tho, always bring out a LOL.. Good day for it, not much of a smile on my face atm i,e weather and had to go into the CBD today to check out the course environment I'll be in for next week 9-5 (wow! first 9-5 for me since 12 months ago :tantrum: )

    It was scary being in CBD (not on a bike) with my arm in a sling, the barrage of monkeys did manage to look from the ground in front of them to notice me and walk around me. Yay \o/
  3. lol I've seen that one before in an email and it is awesome.
    Never fails to amuse me!
  4. Ha, i had a feeling it had been posted. It needed to go up after all the bullsh!t he's been carrying on with this week with NT.