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Dizzy's Newest Electrical Problem - Front brake light switch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by slickncghia, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. G'day Guys,

    Ok so im almost ready to get her back on the road but she still has a problem with the front brake light switch. this one seemed to start out of the blue, but couldve been caused by any number of tinkerings.

    the back brake light switch works the front dosent. tail light works fine.

    a the final connector before the brake light there are 3 wires going in

    Black + white (i think earth)
    White + black

    i have run the multi meter over it under diferent conditions to get theese voltages

    *fr brake off, rear brake off, lights on = tail light works
    B + W - 0v
    Brown - 12V
    W + B - 0v

    *fr rake off, rear brake ON, lights on = Brake light works
    B + W - 0V
    Brown - 12V
    W + B - 12V

    *fr brake ON, rear brake off, lights on = Brake light not on , tail light on
    B + W - 0v
    Brown - 12V
    W + B - 12V

    This is what is really confusing me. after going through all the switches and circuty all the way too the last connection before the tail light both front and back brakes are producing the same.

    ...so i would think that the brake light would be getting the same signal and working for both....but it dosent light up for Front brake.

    so im stumped

    Any ideas or other things to check?????

    Cheers in advance for the help

  2. Mine had a similar problem, except the light was always on. If you undo the screws slightly the switch should be able to move left and right slightly. Try moving it till the light goes on, then adjust accordingly.
  3. Same issue on the Minja mate. I don't mind it actually, it means I've got one lever to do the actual stopping and another to decide whether I want people to know I'm stopping. :p

    The closest I got to working it out was that there was a break in the wire somewhere in the loom between the switch and the fuse. At this point I decided it could go and get rooted.
  4. if you want to rule out the wire as faulty get a spare length of similar wire and connect it to the tail light and break switch. If it works normally then its the wire, if not it could be the switch, or less likely a connection.

    If it's the wire, I would suggest piggy backing the loom and keeping the wire well hidden behind it. No one need ever know.
  5. hehe i hope the RWC and vicroads feel the same way
    unfortunatly the wire dosent just go from the switch to the connector from memory....actually i might check the wiring schematics again. as i said the wire seems to be producing the same results as when the rear brake light is on. i might test the continuity tonight...might be earth leakage ????

  6. yeah those are some fcuked up readings mate, id be stumped too.

    id check for faulty wiring further up the loom, or from the connector to the light. or an earth leakage as you suspect.

    i dont know shit about electrics, ive used the hit and miss approach which has worked out 99% time, but only after my head was hurting from thinking too hard :LOL:
  7. Hmmm your readings are a little strange..
    Make sure your terminals are isolated and not touching an earth source at either switch and make sure the earth source for the rear brake/tail light is getting a good ground ...Can I asked you to check the resistants for the front switch and wires ( turn meter to OHMs) with brake on and off..and from front to brake light ...
    EDIT;; Can you take the 2 terminals off your front brake switch and touch them together it should light the brake light if it doesnt we will start working back from there and try and isolate the problem.. :wink:
    also try this Turn your meter to OHMS 20k it should read 1 . Check you wire from front to rear, from the terminals the wire should read O.OO or 0.01 ..To do this stick the probes of your multi into both sides of the front switch then earth out the back terminal (brake wire disconnected from light and stick another wire in and earth( negitive) it to the battery or frame) Do this with the power off ..Then let us now what you get..
  8. i was just out there checking the continuity getting myself more confused.

    then i read that post trav and im even more confused again lol

    but i will go test it at the actual switch
  9. ok well i tested the actual switch...ie shorting the two wires before it and whaddaya know it lights up...so faulty switch....

    still dosent explain those multimeter readings i was getting...perhaps some sort of voodoo curse?

    cheers for the help

  10. Switch Cool... Nice and cheap and easy to replace..Hope I didnt give you much of a head ache.. :wink: :LOL: