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Dizzy! Dizzy! Dizzy!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by AnotherMacca, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Dizzy Gillespie!! How good is he?!! :grin:

    Still batting, 190 runs from 414 balls with 24 fours and 2 sixes!

    Considering his previous best score was 54, he's doing bloody brilliantly!

    Oh, good job to Hussey too on scoring a lowly 182.. :LOL:

  2. 3 Cheers 4 Gillespie hipp hipp and so on.

    Fantastic effort but he will prolly never do it again.

    Oi Oi Oi
  3. not a big cricket fan
    but what happen to his trademark mullet :shock: :shock:
    i was like.... who's that??
  4. Against Bangladesh :roll:
    Even i could make a hundred against those guys
  5. Yeah it is a good job but i couldnt bear to watch it... Im assuming its taken him over 500 balls minimum?. He usually only hits 1 out of 6 :grin:

    So frustrating to watch :roll: Though maybe ponting will forgive him for runnin him out :LOL:
  6. Against Bangladesh? Oh, you mean the side that we nearly lost to in the first test? Yeah, that side.

    Credit where it's due, for God's sake; Brian Lara's so-called world record was was scored against the same side, wasn't it, but no-one questions it
  7. He's got the double-ton!
    I can hardly believe it!

    I can't imagine that this match is actually going to end up with anything but a draw though.
    4th day and Australia is still in its 1st innings...
  8. Cricket sucks
  9. why that? only need a couple of hrs to bowl them out, won't we :LOL: :p

    yeah i think your right.... would be great to see us bat through till lunch tomorrow, and then bowl them out in a afternoon though..... pffft, and them thinking they are are at the same standard as the aussie cricket team :roll:
  10. wooohoooo 200 and we have delcared 1 day and 2 sessions to bowl them out.

    We can do it. :D
  11. Excellent 201 not out not bad for a new ball bowler
    Kraven one thing mate I reckon Hayden and Jaques thought the same thing and 200 against anyside is bloody good and on currant form I reckon they had a better chance than you :LOL: :LOL:
  12. What a Farkin legend.
  13. That would be against England in Antigua (400*)
  14. You realise this means that Glenn McGrath is never going to retire.
  15. Go Dizzy. 201 n.o. awesome is against any team. And his forward defense has saved the Aussie's on more than one occassion in the past, against much higher ranked opposition. Go dizzy :grin:
  16. Er...he would be a sportsman, would he?

    What does he ride? :p