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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guest, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I'm pretty interested in doing a lot of my own maintenance. I'm pretty technically minded (I own an 98 Audi A4 and do all my own stuff on that thing).

    I just got my bike and was wondering if people have any tips, tricks, don't do's & must do's.

    Is this realistic or is it a complete nono?

    Thanks guys
  2. Others may disagree, but with a brand-new bike, you should at least get the first few services done by the dealer, because there's stuff they do that you may not be able to...

    After that.....
  3. Yeah that sort of confirmed what I was thinking about the first 2 services. I think they are major ones for me (adjusting tapets etc etc) any advice for just general upkeep etc etc?

  4. I think it depends upon what ones mechanical skills are, some people are perfectly competant to do servicing and others aren't.

    As an example we have a bike riding diesel mechanic at work who services his own bike... and I'd like to see you try and tell him that he isn't competant to service a basic air cooled in-line four bike after looking servicing a fleet of 20 heavy vehicles and 5 cars (and owning bikes for 20 years) :)
  5. If they do anything more than change the oil within the first two services I would be very surprised, and disapointed if I were you.
  6. Really? I thought tapets was definite?

    Anyway.. Id probably change my oil all the time myself. It does a very important job and i'd like to make sure it keeps doing it well :).

    I generally change my oil in the car every 4-5k probably do it every 1 in the bike? sound about right?
  7. I recently read "The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance" by Mark Zimmerman. I think this is a good reference for doing the basic maintenance tasks, like changing fluids, brake pads, clutch plates, etc. However, as suggested by the book, you will need the bike's service manual for the more specific details.
  8. I agree, dunno what warranty new bikes have nowadays, but I'd be reluctant to dick around with too much until the warranty expired.
  9. Aftre the first change probably every 5 thou.
  10. Mines a new one, the service time has been taken out to 10k , so i'll change the oil myself at least once before the 11k service.

    Anything else needs doing in the warrenty period, I'll have to go find myself a decent trump mechanic that has NO TIES to PS :evil:
  11. What is your opinion of the bike thus far>?
  12. The Hyo or the trump?
  13. agreed. a few minor adjustments on things like cables, chain etc which move a little early on and thats it.
  14. so nothing to do with tapets then? I was reading in another post that it costs $320 to do the first 2 services on my bike? Maybe that guy got ripped?

    Anyway thanks for the advice
  15. i don't know much about hysung 250s maybe they use old technology and nut and screw adjustment and maybe the valves sink the seats into the heads at an alarming rate, if that is the case a tappet adjustment would be necessary, sounds dismall if that is the case.
  16. If your bike was built on a monday or a friday....

    Re build it... LOL
  17. DIY everything you want to know:




    p.s. if not inclined - disregard the guy's heavily bibled belted views! What he knows about mc's though is excellent stuff... except for his change your oil every 1000miles thing [1600kms]... yikes!
  18. First service is an important one, and best done by the dealer, since this is where they fix/adjust all the things they didn't get right when it was built. From then on though most things like changing oil, filters plugs, brake pads etc you'll find are generally easier with a bike than on a car. Changing oil every 1000kms seems a tad paranoid, if you're really worried change it twice as often as the recommended interval but above all else use quality oil.