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DIY tyre repair - sticky string

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by jrh001, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm repairing a tyre that had a screw embedded in it. Using one of those kits with an awl, string and a "needle". All goes OK until I try to remove the needle and the string comes out with it every time. Checked a few vids on youtube and it all looks so simple. The sticky string is threaded thru the eye of the needle so how to get the needle out and somehow unthread the string so it stays there? Any advice appreciated.

  2. Buy a new tyre its not worth the risk to repair a tyre,unless your life is less expensive than a tyre
  3. It is a new tyre... and the repair will only be a temporary fix.
  4. Take your tyre to a specialist like Scott at Pablo's in Mulgrave..if its safe to repair he will repair (plug) it PROPERLY and it will be safe to use.

    If the wheel is out of the bike it will 'probably' cost less than $50.
  5. I have repaired a few tyres now using the kit you have.

    Never had a problem;

    however, check the eye of the 'needle', (look closely) it should have a split from the hole to the tip of the needle, as you withdraw the needle the 'string' just slips through the slit.
    This slit can block up easy with glue/sticky string/ dirt etc... just put some thin wire through the hole and then pull in rearward to remove any crap.

    If your tyre is still in good condition, just plug it... I have never had any problems with these plugs. Only ever use the on the riding surface of the tyre; Never in the side walls.
  6. Many years ago they were illegal
    Probbally slightly different perhaps but thought i
    Would mention.

    A tube would fix depending on type of riding you do
    As they run hotter
  7. Actually i retract the tube idea because i
    Dont have much motorcycle tyre knowledge
    To advise .
  8. I thought I'd try the repair kit, since I carry one around. The idea was to do a simple(!) temporary repair and then ride the bike to Pablos.

    'dobbo', thanks for the description. I checked the needle, and there's no slit between the eye of the needle and the tip. I can see that it would work if one was there.

    Fortunately the bike's at home in the garage and not stranded on some remote highway.
  9. repairs are ok until you get a proper job done. twist the needle as you pull it out and the sticky will stay in.
  10. Don't fret about how safe it is. I've got two of those suckers in my rear tyre at the moment (habitual use of the freeway shoulder).
    The large amount that gets poked into the tyre spreads out with the rotational forces and can't slip out of the tyre.

    I've got two kits, one with the slit needle and one is a closed loop.
    With both, after you insert it, twist the handle 90 - 180 degrees (says to in the instructions) then yank it out as fast as possible. The closed loop should actually be somewhat sharp and will cuts it's way free if you're fast enough.