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DIY trailer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know what I need to get a home made trailer registered? Or if it's small enough, do I need to do anything? Does EVERY trailer have to have a compliance plate?

  2. I dunno about now, but you could get a compliance plate with H/MADE as manufacturer. Involves a blue slip in NSW, and I think there are minimum engineering standards as well as the usual lighting requirements and brakes if big enough.
    Not too hard last time I tried though (had a converted caravan chassis as a boat trailer :? ).
    Best bet is to copy scantlings off a mass produced trailer, so you have something to fall back on as far as engineering goes.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. When my stepdad made our dog float, he had to book it in for inspection at vicroads, so they could check all the adr stuff and also provide all the receipts for the steel etc to prove he made it and didn't knock it off from someone's yard.
  4. So you've already built it?

    I sold an old rusted out box trailer, as he wanted to make a new top for it.

    Apparently the frame, wheels, bearings, axle, lights, coupling and rego was easily worth the $120 I sold it for.
  5. check the Vic Roads Site it has details on ADR's etc
  6. \
    some people buy a rego rusted out trailer and swap the plate across ;)
  7. Isn't the ruling that if it is wider than the car then it needs rego?
  8. that only applies in vic, in other states trailers must have rego :wink:
  9. Not all trailers need reg in Vic. If the trailer is under 3m including the draw bar and under 200kg tare no reg is required you just need a number plate with your car rego on it ( they cost about $26 from VicRoads and read trailer exempt). The VicRoads web site will give you all the details required. You will have to make sure that all the bits you buy are ADR compliant (lights, coupler, reflectors). Super Cheap sell heaps of trailer parts but it is all made in china. There are a couple of trailer parts supply shops in the yellow pages. Repco have ADR ok LED light kits for $129 that look like excelent quality, Burson auto parts also have a kit for about $83 that are ok. If you travel interstate you will need to have the trailer registered.
  10. In QLD if the trailer is under 750kg max capacity (including trailer weight) then you can do a self assesment, apply for a vin number and vin plate $10, fill in a stat dec form saying you made it and hand in the rego forms and $85 and you take your vin plate and number to the engraving shop on your way home, get it filled out. Go home and place your number plate and vin plate on your trailer and off you go.

    How do I know....lolz.....just got mine registered on friday after spending over 12 mths building it. :)

    And I have LED lights instead of lamps...no more changing a light bulb.