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DIY Rim Tape - Difficult?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mmamster, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. I've heard it is fiendishly hard to fit rim tape - is it so hard I should get a bike shop to do it or is it do-able for a not experienced person?


  2. No, it's not, you just need patience and some spare time plus very clean rims. I have done 3 bikes in the last two days.

    Is it just colored stuff or the reflective stuff?

    The reflective stuff is much harder as you can't peel it back if you stuff up without ruining it.
  3. You just have to have a steady hand. They're generally given to you in quadrants, curved nicely.

    If you've managed to stuff up too many pieces so that you've run out... you have my pity.
  4. This stuff aint done in 'quadrants' it's one line of single tape.
    Far more tricky....
    I didn't run out, plenty left.... :)
  5. Patience is the key.
  6. I got some curved rim tape in 'quadrant' sections from the UK off ebay for about $5. Was very easy to fit, took about 1.5 hours including cleaning the rims beforehand. Looks pretty good I think - will post pics later.
  7. meh, i just use pvc tape - you get it at the shops in a variety of colours for a coupla bucks :LOL:
  8. 682. joelridescbr
  9. I also brought the tape from the uk off ebay...It cost around $10 and come in quarters..........its all about patience....You can do it...... :p
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  11. Another question on this topic...

    if you decide that you don't dig the stripes anymore after a while, has anyone tried taking them off again? does it clean up alright, or is it a bit of a bugger and a mess?
  12. It seems pretty easy to take off. I had to take off some on one side of my front rim because I had put it on really crooked.

    If it won't come off with peeling, just use some metho (well, thats what I used). It worked a treat.

  13. To get stickers off (like rim tape) heat the sticker up (leave in the sun or use heat gun) this makes the glue go tackey and most of the glue should come off with the sticker, you will probably need metho to get the rest of the glue off. (test metho on small area first)

    If you have trouble getting the tape on, ie it's sticking to fast, fill a spray bottle with water and a small amount of washing up detergient, spray onto sticker before applying. It will also help not getting bubbles under the sticker.
  14. I've seen technique used before for laying vinyl onto car paint (pimp my ride anybody)? lol So do you spray the detergent mix onto the surface ur applying the sticker to?