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DIY mushroom plug kits

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by jeff_o, Aug 29, 2012.

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  2. looks good ive used the worm type kit and is good for emergency repaires
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  4. I have used a kit from an australian suppier call "Tyre pliers" (SP?)

    I have repaird several punctures ov approximately 60000km with a 100% success rate.

    The fix should only be temporary but I have used a repaired tire for around 10,000km after being repaired. I have fixed both front and rear tires but I did not ride on the front for very long before replacing it.

    you should only repair the tire if the puncture is in the centre area of the tread and never repair a damaged side wall. Obviously a track day on a repaired tire is probably not the greatest idea.

    The last repaired tire that I took, I had a look at the repair from the inside, just touched the plug and it fell out so I think that tire was just km away from deflating again but it didn't so who knows. The plug was dead centre and I wore it down to below the tread indicators so there was not much material for the glue to hold on to.

    I would not do any long rides without a repair kit and a pump with me. I also know people that would NEVER EVER use these kits and not one of them has ever refussed the offer of help to get them back home again.
  5. All I initially read of the topic title was DIY mushrooms. My first and subsequent thoughts were "(1) Bad idea, (2) very bad idea."
  6. Well there goes one of the reasons to ride to Kangaroo Valley.
  7. Echo point apparently. Was up there right at the gate when two guys came over and asked if we knew where the mushrooms were...
  8. Hehe, kids huh?
    Never would've happened in our day...
  9. And by Echo Point, I definitely mean Narrowneck