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DIY Mercedes SLR

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Gromit, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. I know it's not bike-related, but I thought it was cool anyway.

    If you can't afford a Mercedes/McLaren SLR, do what this guy in Poland did and build your own...

  2. Being Polish I do understand... it is some thing we do...

    The guy who did it had some great skill too.. I think it is just anazing... good on him!!!

    Perhaps I can stick a CBR1000RR body on my VFR... Hmm I'll have a go...
  3. Muahahaha... the plan finally comes out.
    CB-VF-RRRRR-1000(-250) :D
  4. I understand as well. My girlfiend's dad who is Polish does the same thing. He seems to spend 90% of his free time making things. Each time we pop over to his place he always shows us his latest 'products' that he has copied/made.
  5. Surely with the amount of time, effort, paint and parts expended it might have been cheaper to buy one?
    Plus it doesn't seem to be clear as to what the donor car is ? ? ?
  6. Definately a more professional attempt at DIY Merc ownership than this attempt:
    Front View
    Rear View
  7. aaarrghhhh Rice Boys, what sins are commited against cars in thy name!

    Actually back in the 80s there was a firm here in Wollongong which did quite a trade turning Celicas into replica Ferraris, would you believe?

    And here's a guy who's built one on a Nissan Exa platform http://snipurl.com/ib18
  8. oh my is it a BMW or a mercedes or a honda??
  9. $39.9K for a 1.6 litre Celica with an ugly plastic body? Tell him he's dreamin'!
  10. WHY???? Hopefully they were at least slightly more succesful than this attempt to make a Supra look like a Ferrari
    Rear View
    Front View