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DIY Kevlar-lined jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gobbledegeek, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Anyone know where I can buy Kevlar cloth?

    I can't find a pair of jeans or textile pants that I'm totally happy with and thought I could perhaps line my favorite pair. In fact, I thought I once read somewhere about a business offering this as a service but can't find any trace of it now.


  2. I was told by my leather repairer, that he looked into buying Kevlar material, but the cost was too high to justify, cheaper to get some Draggins custom made.
  3. These guys : http://www.motorcycleclothing.com.au sell a kevlar kit.
    I emailed them a while ago and got this reply:
    "I do indeed sell the kevlar to be sewn into your own pants.
    The kit consists of seat & knee coverage
    Price is $75 plus $13 Post & Packing"

    Let me know how you get on :)
  4. I saw Kevlar material for sale on ebay a while ago but have not been able to find it again. I also wanted to put a Kevlar lining in my Levis. Have you tried Draggin Jeans? I am not sure if the stuff I saw for sale was as thik as the Kevlar Draggin use. I have looked at a few different brand Kevlar lined pants and none of them have the weight or thikness of the Draggin brand.
  5. The kevlar lining isn't the only thing that's designed for riding in Draggin's (and other brands, Hornees etc) They've got heavier denim, heavy duty stitching, most sit up higher to cover a bit more of the lower back, and they have less buttons and bits that could scratch your tank or stick in to you in a stack.
  6. Yes, you are correct. However, I have a heavyweight denim jean (more than 14.5oz like the Draggin's) and a qualified seamstress in the family but thanks for the info.
  7. yeah, but then how is the homeez gunna have they silk shorts hangin' out? and the ho's have they g-string anchor strap hangin' out? no good :LOL:
  8. They shouldn't be allowed in Public dressed like that.
  9. I can't see where its referenced that that's for out doors wear lol.

    I got an email from the bloke that sells the kevlar DIY kits, its now $70 + post, certainly sounds like a decent deal.
  10. Thanks for the replies (the useful ones at least :wink: :) ).

    I wonder who manufactures these kits?
  11. no worries :grin:
  12. i was thinking about this. couldnt find and kevlar. but sureley you can but sheets of it somewhere. make sure you post up what you do in the end
  13. I'd prefer to buy the raw material from an Aussie company but it's not easy to find in soft woven fabric and anyway, how the hell would I cut it to shape? :grin:
  14. An update

    So it appears that I can purchase rolls of the stuff but only in quantities that I may as well line every item of clothing in my wardrobe.......and the same for every Netrider member too :shock: :LOL:

    The kits are available as previously stated but for the extra cost, it is probably a better idea to purchase the finished item. More and more companies seem to be offering a growing number of styles to suit most tastes and budgets.

    I have also discovered numerous companies willing to manufacture my own design for a very reasonable cost but sadly, only wholesale quantities. Perhaps if I can find a wealthy investor I'll go into business.....
  15. draggin liners! at long last! must admit I never checked the US site...

    group buy anyone? :grin:
  16. kevlar

    G'day everyone,.....

    I know a place in west melbourne that sells kevlar of the roll,you buy it by the mtr.
    Get as much or as little as you like.
    I forget the address but know exactly where it is by sight.
    My sister and I are going to get some and do our own kevlar linings.
    This kevlar is thicker and stronger than the grade used by Dragon jeans.
    For the price it is best to fully line your jeans and a jacket.
    A couple of mtrs will do.

    I will see if I have the time to swing by and write down the address tomorrow.

    Dr Who?
  17. That would be great if you could. I guess you don't know the name??
  18. kevlar

    G'day everyone,......

    Sorry,forgot the name of the joint but I know its a resin supply place or similar.

    I'm going to seaford tomorrow so can stop past on the way through.

    Dr Who?
  19. Hey Dr Who, did you manage to locate that place?