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DIY garage remote

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bobcat, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. I'm looking after the kids at home while my wife gone out to the shop, got bored and decided to do this

    Coz i've got a steep driveway, now I don't have to take my glove off to fish for the remote inside my pocket, open up, and then ride up. I might velcro the back it down tomorrow as well...

    Thanks for reading!
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    hahaha, I love that one.

    I have my garage door remote attached to my bike key ring. Does a good job too. Only once I returned home to discover the battery was missing... the cover had blown open and battery must have bounced out on this particular ride... :-w
    all good now though.
  4. bahahaha hornet...excellent!

    To the OP. I had my garage remote on my motorcycle keys, so it sits right in front of me. Make sure it is water proof though! I just wrapped it up in plastic with a cable tie :). Worked well until the ring broke and now I can't attach it to my keys :(
  5. yeah i thought about just hanging the remote on the keyring like it's designed to but was concern about it falling apart. Maybe I should just glad wrap it up so it'll be water proof as well as holding it in one piece
  6. ^hmmm, good point, never thought about the rain, has been rained on ++ but so far so good.
  7. Iopened the remote up, soldered leads to the terminals, and mounted a waterproof switch from jaycar on the bodywork. Plastic baggies for the remote, some velcro, and tuck it behind the bodywork. You can press the button as you are turning in to the driveway,( mount it in the lhs!) and you can be comfortable as you like when you cruise into your garage, and remove gloves/helmet in comfort. Total cost approx $3.
  8. Or gladwrap and shitloads of sticky tape? :p
  9. yeah good idea! I only did this while the kids are watching cartoon but yeah def going to look into this more next week!
  10. If in doubt of it falling off...cable ties...they are a god send.
  11. toadcat has a heaps good solution, he has his clicker in a waterproof neoprene etag case thing (i think they are like 10$ from the etag people) that has a strong magnet, sticks to his GS's tank like glue.

    EDIT; Hornet i nearly died watching that clip LOL
  12. $3 and an hours labour (maximum!) or $80 and 15 minutes... I know which one I would choose... 8-[
  13. Call up your electronic toll-tag provider and see if they have any pouches for their etags.. I got one from E-way (I think it was like $12?) and it's waterproof and has a very strong magnet in it. I just stick my garage remote on top of that and I can press it easily with gloves


    ^That's what they look like
  14. I've put mine facing out in my garage pocket. Now I simply tap my chest King Kong style and up goes the door. Confuses the buggery out of my mates ;)
  15. Exactly!!! I was planning all these fancy solutions before I got my bike, but then I tried just having it facing out in a small plastic sandwich bag in my pocket and I can press it quickly and easily every time. Easy to transfer back to the car too if god forbid that is ever required 8-[
  16. remote control garage doors ? I wish.
  17. Garage doors, I wish.
  18. I have a garage DOOR (singular) which is IMPOSSIBLE to put an electric door opener on (trust me).

    It's a rental but if I could install a removeable roller door motor I would !
  19. Just remember to transfer opener to jacket pocket!

    I have multiple jackets, beware of leaving it at home!

    Thats why i invested the $3 and mounted it and a switch on my bike.