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DIY Basic Maintenance

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by melbillmatic, May 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys this is a really stupid question, but I can't find the answer anywhere else so here goes...

    My VTR250 is due for its 12k service soon and I'm a bit confused about something.

    I'm hoping to sort of maintain my bike as much as possible...zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance and all that you know haha...but I can see the benefit of getting that magic stamp in the service book for extra resale value. If I were to replace the oil + filter myself would a mechanic simply check it off and do the checks etc. and still stamp the service book...or is that only if they were to do it themselves?

    It's probably something I should already know but I don't own a car and my parents are the kind of people who get told they need new blinker fluid.

  2. err, if YOU were a mechanic, and someone 'took business from you' by servicing their vehicle, would YOU stamp their service books (cause you're a good bloke?)
    would you?
  3. ahaha see that's why i'm asking. I wasn't sure how it worked :/

    I guess I was asking if there is a balance between doing basic stuff yourself and getting the pros to check for anything serious.
  4. All would depend on your shops service manager.
    For good customers (read ones who have already spent bucket loads of money in the shop)...like their whole family rides or the guy has bought quite a few bikes form the store.
    And if they bought the part from me I would do an inspection on their bike after they service it and stamp the book. Usually around $40 unless I found something that needed done. Yes I would call first.
    Otherwise yes why would they do it. Service and accessories is where the money is at in a bike shop.
  5. everything other than a valve check/adjust is pretty easy.
    (depending if you have a stand etc. and the bike layout)

    getting the factory shop manual will tell you exactly how to service it, and what is required, when it is required etc.

    personally i do all i can do myself because labor costs a fortune.
    don't like getting charged hundreds for something i could do myself easily.

    also if you do it yourself there is a lot more care put into it.
  6. **** it...it's a lams bike...if you don't thrash it the next rider probably will...do it yourself n forget your precious resale value - if you can competently take on te service then do it...unless I was buying a bike with under say 5,000 kms I wouldn't give a stuff about service history stamps - bikes need to be maintained and you can generally tellfairly fast if one hasn't been...which will be reflected in your bike when someone interested in the bike down the track takes it for a test ride...others can correct me if I'm wrong here
  7. If you are worried aboiut stamping the book, keep all the receipts and staple them to the stamp page.

    That still shows that the bikes fluids where changed as per manufacturing recommendations, it also shows what quality oils you used to look after it with, if you changed the filters correctly. Much more impressive than a P.S. stamp IMHO.
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  8. What is a stamped book worth? A bike can be flogged and thrashed and still have a regular service record . Do your own maintenance and save money.A prospective buyer would care more about how the bike looks and rides.Stamped bits of paper may not make any difference.