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Divorce Pending... Time to get back on a bike!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ozdavo, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Hey people, just a quick note to say hi, tell a bit about myself.
    Sorry, the title is meant to be a bit of fun, but in all truth my (soon to be ex) wife never had an issue with me getting another bike, it just the usual combination of things they call life (finances/work/BS/etc).
    Anyway, a little over a decade ago I sold my last bike, a FZR400, to travel the world. It was a great toy & my first venture into "proper" road bikes. (Previously I had dirt bikes & registered dirt bikes, ah-la DT200).
    Upon my return some 3 years later, I was soon back into full time work, then mortgage, and then relationship, then marriage.... and wow time flies...
    I have wanted to get back on a motorbike for years now (I regularly cycle, both road and MTB, so I am still quite comfortable on two wheels in traffic), but a company car has meant commuting is out of the question, so that just leaves a weekend toy... & well, I suppose I've had my head stuck in the sand in a lot of areas in my life for a while now...

    Anyway I digress, right now I'm just doing research to shortlist some bike, (and determine a budget!) before getting out & test riding some when I am ready to purchase, hopefully by the end of January.

    I have always loved the naked bike look, loved Duc Monsters when I was a kid, but now, wow there are so many options! I will definitely check out the MT-07/09, Kaw Z800, Street & Speed Triple's. Additionally I love the cafe racer look... so like I said, lots of research to do!

    Anyway, glad I found this place, lots of great info! Thanks.
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  2. Great to hear! never too late to get back into it! All the best!
  3. Welcome back mate, naked bikes are awesome. If your interested in the z800 u need to ride the z1000 as well. What's your budget ?
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  4. Hey mate, welcome and good luck with the search!

    Good luck with the big D, hopefully it doesn't work out too painfull. Been there done that twice LOL
  5. Welcome Mate, recently went thru break up as well - getting a bike and learning to ride has meant I've rarely thought about the break up crap. Also, loved the look of monsters for ages - so I bought one. She's a better ride than the ex too!
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  6. Hello ozdavoozdavo, welcome to NR and back to life on two wheels. Hope the dust will settle quickly and with minimal pain. I second sentiments above, there's no better cure from a relationship breakdown as getting on a bike (learning to ride in my case!) You'll do just fine. Happy bike shopping (y)
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  7. Welcome to NR...

    Hope everything sorts out just the way you want to..All the best.
  8. Welcome back!
    Try the z1000 at least

    So it seems if a partner starts looking at bikes one should cut the dog and the house in half and flush the rings?? :whistle:
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  9. Don't be like that Miss Jane!

    Welcome to Netrider. As a happily married man for 42 years, the first five of which my wife had a bike and rode with me everywhere, I can add that you don't need ANY sort of reason to get into riding, and that it's the best fun no matter what the circumstances of life, as Oldmaid will, I'm sure, agree!
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  10. Thanks for the kind comments, and to be clear I have no animosity towards my ex (to be), we have just grown apart.
    Regarding budget im a bit up in the air, I could go for something cheap and Cheerful, like a $5k '06-07 CB900F, or go maybe $10k on a nicer /newer second hand bike, or I could stretch to $13-15k for something new.
    ... I had a quick look over a 2011 GSR750 today in all black that I just happened to pack beside ... Hot as f#@k!
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  11. welcome aboard hope you get things sorted soon
  12. I manage both most of the time? Only if a second person is needed in the car or it is pissing down to I use the company car. Most of the time I manage to do my work related road trips on a motorcycle, everyone I work with thinks I'm slightly nuts, but they have grown used to me and they get that every motorcycle kilometre travelled saves money for the organization.

    Like you my ex rode and I believe still does, so I'm not necessarily tying divorces and motorcycles together, stuff happens and everyone has their own tale to tell.

    Welcome back to the correct number of wheels, have a ball. I'd happily ride any of the bikes you mention, so you are unlikely to go wrong. My daughter and her partner have Street Triples. They love their bikes to bits and spoilt them rotten, but they do find seat comfort an issue on big days with lots of klms.

    Let us know how you go :)
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  13. Being a naked fan (;-)) if I was buying new then for $15k i would buy a Suzuki gsxs1000. Then again $15k might get u a 2nd hand BMW s1000r. Second hand for $10k would probably be a z1000 (2010 model +) but I have never ridden a speed triple so I might go and test one of those to see how it compares. I wouldn't be interested in anything under 1000cc and 100kws
  14. Welcome, and congratulations or commiserations. Or both. I never know what to say in instances like this, its like having to make small talk with a priest in a lift.... :sneaky:
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  15. Thanks for the comments.
    Although I'll be sure to test a variety of bikes, I'm pretty sure a mid size (750-900) will produce plenty enough power for me. Time will tell.
  16. Howdy and welcome.

    Since I'm slightly biased I have to mention you should get an MV. The new three cylinder range is awesome.
  17. Thanks George, I hadn't really thought about them as the Brutale 800 is, while beautiful, a lot more than I plan on spending... but... there seems to be a good range of second hand bikes in the right price bracket.
    How are they for reliability as compared to a modern Japanese bike? :)
    ... wow the list of possibilities is getting huuugge! Good thing I enjoy the research side ;)