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Ditching Ingnition barrel on track bike?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sheeth, May 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been working on my budget 95 Zx6 track bike and looking for freeeeee weight saving mods and a thought came to me, 'that thing looks heavy!' The things got to weigh a kilo! haha

    Anyway so I'm wondering it anyone else removes there ignition barrel from their track only bikes?

    I was thinking of setting up a hidden plastic switch as a replacement, even an electrical plug I could remove and then act as a key!
  2. Easy enough to do, any switch with right amount of contacts will work, otherwise race cars etc often have a big red plastic switch that connects the +ve lead of the battery, everything else is hard wired on.

    Like this:

  3. I don't bother. For me there's not too much point worrying about a few grams here and there unless you go the whole hog. A (much needed) diet for the rider, religious monitoring of fuel level, carbon rims, titanium exhausts, etc, etc.
  4. That looks like exactly what I'm after, any idea where I could get it from?

    That's a good call D1300. My thought was just to do everything thats cheap or free. Not because I think it'll make a noticeable difference, but really because it's heaps of fun haha, it can't make it worse right!
  5. Sorry mate, that's all I've got...
  6. Lol, too right on both counts!
  7. Thanks anyway MV I'll find something!
  8. Also, not forgetting to take a dump before hitting the track - another kilo or so right there! ;)
  9. haha Don't worry guys I'm as thin as a rake I weigh nothing!
  10. you can get those battery isolator switches from any good auto parts store.
  11. Now theres thinking!
  12. Im ditching my ignition on my tracky only becasue i bent the key when i crashed.
  13. Ditto, I ran out of keys so I had to remove my barrel etc... Only hassle was my bike had a facotry immobilser that requires a proximity to the key.... Thus I had to get my ECU flashed to remove that function.....

    Now have a much cleaner toggle switch for main power....
  14. I run a simple flick switch mounted on an aluminium board where the speedo used to sit, it also has Neutral and Oil light...but then again the bike came that way so I didn't have to do it myself :D.

    If you really want to save weight, lighter wheels, subframe modification, running total loss and getting a smaller battery (can save 2kg or so) just to name a few.
  15. He's on the money. We use them for the rally car. Also makes it a lot easier to turn the car off in dangerous situations eg. Fire in the car or rolled (for us)

    Just don't lose it! haha

    I was also going to suggest losing some weight but you're already looking pretty light on the scales!
  16. mine is the same as phongus'
  17. U don't want to use an isolator as pictured above. I run one on my drag car, they are meant as a cutoff for the battery on the negative side, we are talking zero guage wiring! They aren't designed to be used as a switch like that. If I was doing it I'd make up a small plate with a small toggle switch for ignition power and a push button. You can buy nice looking prefabbed drag racing mountable plates ones with fuses etc built in.
  18. Removing your starter motor will help