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ditched the stock indicators yay!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by diomac, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. xvs650 indicators and corbin seat

    The stock indicators on the 650 have annoyed me from day one so I finally got around to replacing them.

  2. What sort of "650"?

  3. its an 2009 Yamaha XVS650. Just waiting on a few more bits to arrive from the US till I'll be happy with it.
  4. Did you get your tank custom painted? From what I can tell with the photo, it looks great. Something I'd really like to do with my bike one day. Btw, your indicators are better than the stock standard ones, good choice all round. (from another Yamaha rider in Brisbane)
  5. Actually the paint is the stock Tommy Blue with Flames that was available of 2009, I quite like it.. I'd only change it if I was going to debadge the side of the tank, but it really doesn't worry me so probably won't.
  6. How does the air filter change feel?
  7. They look very very nice.
  8. Nice work all round.
  9. Woot Corbin seat finnally arrived.

  10. Looks good.. How much better is a different seat to the stock one?
  11. Comfort wise it's better, I wouldn't say a great deal but it is more comfortable, but to me at any rate it looks ten times better and worth the wait and expense. It also changes the riding position, you are lower and moved forward some, I also found it better on my back.