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Ditched planned ride to Shep - did both Spur runs instead

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Ditched the shep run - decided to do a run up the reefton spur, and down the Black Spur.

    I am also on some other forums and the Black Spur has come up a lot lately - safety being the main issue.

    So, quick run down Canterbury rd, up clegg rd, warburton Hwy, then the Reefton!.
    There are some signs at reefton suggesting that the Reefton spur road will be closed from Apr 23 to June 30, so thought I would have a go NOW.

    yes - it is a twisty road, but only 20km of twisty!.
    The surface is not the best, but perfectly adequate in the dry. About 10km in, there is a 2km patch with loose stones and no lines (correction, white lines panted on loose stones!).
    If you add 15-20kmh to every advisory sign, there didn't seem to be an issue, and I am no racer boy. The M50 is no racer bike either, but handled it with ease.
    I am sure that if you were pushed, it would be easy to make mistakes, and overcook it, but you would have to be pushing!.
    Corners have sightlines, and the scenery is quite spectacular.
    The 20km to Marysville from the end of the Spur though could keep the ambos busy, as a 100kmh section turns into 40kmh corners very suddenly!.

    From Marysviille, I made the decision to head to Alexandra, as some high speed therapy was needed.
    Only 44 km to Alexandra, and at speeds Steve Bracks wouldn't encourage, the miles melt away, the corners flow, the surface is clean, best fun since ......
    So, turn around, and head back, filling up at Buxton to ensure I don't run dry.
    Then down to the Black Spur, where the road condition is amazingly good, the corners sweet, and NO CARS in sight!.
    Similarly to the Reefton, the corners are clearly marked, and it is a cruise at 10-20kmh over any posted advisory signs on corners.
    Now, I had no 'mates' pushing me to catch up, no cars pushing me wide, and no one behind me to urge me on. I was able to enjoy it. Again, less than 20km of twisty, and no scary moments. When I reached the turnoff to Launching Place, I took it, and
    DID it all again (except the run to Alexandra).

    Are they good roads for a bike?
    Is caution required?
    Yes, but I reckon most riders can ride this easily, and most learners should try it. You don't have to be a nutter, but it is ideal to practise corners, and YOU are in charge of the speed! keep the speed reasonable, and they are quite within most riders capabilities. At the reefton, there is a sign saying that so far they have recovered 41 crashed bikes, and 20 crashed cars so far this year. So there must be people playing hard!

    Should everyone ride it?
    You bet - but if you are cautious, then have a run mid week, and remove the peer pressure. We as riders create the danger when we try to do things we are not ready for.

    Am I a potential racer?
    No, I think over the years, my balls must have shrunk, as I am nowhere near as brave as I used to be. I enjoyed flowing the corners, and enjoying the bike. I will leave the sports riding to the kids. A racer would have left me for dead after 3 corners!. But I didn't hold anyone else up, I learned a lot about myself, and I didn't bin it!

  2. What sort of other forums are there?