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Disturbing footage

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dougz, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Ever seen someone get really beaten up?

    This is very disturbing footage even for me to watch. It apparently happened at Scumshine railway stn. There are a lot of potential discussion points here so I'm interested in what you guys have to say.

  2. You know my thoughts on things like this... we have had similar discussions in other posts.

    I was taught old school - create as much damage as possible, break limbs, etc.......and it is something I truly hope happens to these three clowns....


    There may be more to this.... For all we know, this guy may have done something on a previous occassion...... I dont know.

    I do know it was savage and I really did not enjoy watching it..... We live in a scary world. :(
  3. Hi Skuff, I think that even if the guy had done something previously, no-one deserves to get kicked like that especially when they're on the ground and totally defenseless. He was lucky to have not been killed!

    It is scary out there mate, which is why I believe people should be taught basic self-defensive techniques in high school eg: keeping yourself safe by NOT going into a tunnel with 3 blokes you just met on the train... :(
  4. Agreed - its appauling..........

    Started with Anger when watching and now very saddened to see these things still bloody happen....

    Anyway, moving onto the weekend.
  5. example of "pack" mentality, i'm not willing to discuss lead-up events or what-if scenarios but just opining as per OP request. The atmosphere of pack hunting could be akin to shark feeding frenzy, in so far as the pack reacts jointly to the sensations of those participating. Another display being the Rodney King riots in L.A. where pack mentality saw the siezing of a major intersection by people filled with a shared emotion of superiority at their violent conquests.

    The bounty may have been futile but to see these three feed off each other is indeed sickening, but in no way rare. Countless examples reside in gang culture the world over and we're all aware of the cliche' of what happens when getting a member of the pack on their own. It's the same result as animals singling out a member of a herd, they reduce the power of the pack by pinpointing targets they believe produce an effect. Herd leadership struggles always challenge the stronger leader.

    Aside from that this side of human nature is (again only IMO) animalistic and almost cave-man like. I despise these acts immensley, and they make me feel a burning desire to don an assasin's attire and despatch them one by one under the guise of societal justice. The young man beaten did not deserve such magnitude of assault for the agressors to take that bag, he got such violence purely through the conjoint ego's of 3 cowardly cohorts who's only claim to fame is the ability to kick sideways.

  6. This might be par for the course where they come from.
  7. Which opens a whole other can of worms.

    +1 Sharkuss also
  8. 3 on one is so lame. It is the most pu$$y thing i can think of.

    If it is any consolation though, these guys should be easily found by the crystal clear CCTV footage. The cops have a fair bit to work with.
  9. they were probably star soccer players in Somalia and were on their way home from an a-league game.

    seriously carnts like this hang around near my house too and i worry about friends walking down the alley near my place... let alone me
  10. The guy certainly didn't deserve any of that, but his spatial awareness is terrible. Basic self defence skills and awareness training would have served him very well there.

    As for the beating, the trio obviously have no idea of CCTV and its consequences. Let's hope they learn quick before they do the same thing to some other poor sap.
  11. I guess what upsets me about the whole situation (besides an obviously unfair fight) is the majority will think its and well and good when they get caught. In reality they will probably go to jail but will they learn their lesson? Juding by the small amount I know about these fruitloops I don't think they will. My 2c
  12. Ugh
    3 on 1?

    I'd hate to be in that situation. I've never been in a fight.
    I ain't a big guy either... I'm not sure how I'd react; but I would probably assume anything goes in that situation.

    Nuts, neck, eyes = fair game.
  13. drugs, booze, money, sex, who knows what was behind this? Every day at school I hear kids say "Sir, someone hit me and I have NO IDEA WHY." Guess what I believe.....
  14. Jesus made them do it?

  15. Damn straight. Anyone attacks you on the street then your life is in danger. Defend yourself accordingly. The person that attacked you just waived any rights to mercy until you feel safe again.

    Edit: I feel I should add that 3 against 1 is hard even for trained fighters, however. You shouldn't be in that situation and, if you are, you find the quickest way out and run like mad. But if you have to fight then what I said above is just the beginning.
  16. I think the guy said it best at the end, "They've got a total disregard for what consequences there are."

    Heck, if they get put away, at least there's a bed and meals every day, which is probably better than they're getting at the moment.

    By the way, I think I know who the little guy with the yellow shirt was....It's Urkel!

  17. One word.....DEPORTATION.
  18. You need to get that chip off your shoulder, Alan, it's making you unbalanced.
  19. Looking at his smilie I don't think he is the one who has the chip preacher boy :p