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District 9

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. *Highly* recommended

  2. Yes, saw the review on "At The Movies" ....... planning to go this weekend if I can.
  3. Great movie IMO. Different and pretty cool :D.

    phong =P~
  4. I loved it.

    Best Sci-fi action movie of the year.

    Shits all over Terminator 4.
  5. Best movie since Dark Knight. In fact, it might be better.
  6. Imagine a large cauldren...
    Then throw in elements of:
    (i) Independence day;
    (ii) Blackhawk down;
    (iii) Shaka Zulu;
    (iv) X Files;
    (v) etc..

    Stirred by Peter Jackson ( Lord of the Rings) and film the result in a very "Blair Witch" style.

    Thats close!

    I went in thinking it looked OK and came out going WOW!
  7. I love the bit where the guy did the thing to the other guy..

    ok I haven't seen it, dont judge me!!
  8. We ought to have a 'Movie/Film Review' thread.
    Maybe a sub to 'Off Topic'?

    My 2 cents
  9. Is "District 9" anywhere near "Area 51" ??

  10. 4/5 from a review
  11. ooooh, I'm excited now.
  12. Saw it last night, theres elements of comedy in there , movie doesnt take itself too seriously, but the storyline is great. All the special effects remind me kind of the first matrix, where they were all integrated as part of the storyline.

    The effects are *amazing* but kind of integrated as a casual "part" of the movie, at no time is there a scene with an effect just FOR the effect, if you dig.

    Very "different" kind of movie, loved it. HIGHLY recommended. Some of the best CG i've ever seen, the aliens were so natural and convincing that halfway through the movie you kind of forget your watching CGI characters.
  13. My friend and I saw it on V-Max on Saturday. My friend said it was brilliant, it screams of a sequel and he'll definitely see the sequel. It was different to what I expected and was all right to me. I may have liked it more if I wasn't looking for something mind numbing to just flash in front of my face - I'd had one of the worst weeks of my life so that was probably a big factor. The camera work in the first bit (the first 10 minutes or so) took a lot away from it for me just like it did through the entirety of Cloverfield. The CG and fighting were really good. I won't be seeing the sequel though. It seems like nearly everyone else will.
  14. All the reviews i've seen on this movie is giving it the thumbs up !

    I might actually see this at the cinemas now instead of getting a downloaded copy.

    It looks like my all time favourite - Snakes on a Plane, is going to be regulated to second place ! :LOL:
  15. I actually doubt there will be a sequel, and hope there won't. (After all, we know how well that went with the last 'this is a whole new thing' movie, The Matrix.) I think the things that were left open at the end were very intentionally left that way, and not at all as a means of setting up a sequel. Given the buzz there may well be pressure on them to do a sequel, but I hope they resist.
  16. I think the Matrix trilogy was pretty good overall. The second one wasn't up to the first and third IMO. Didn't the whole lot end up being a success?

    About sequels, I think there'll be a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (just to outdo all of the recent trilogies and make it to a 4th) and I think they'll get enough patronage to justify it. EDIT: I just did an internet search and it looks like it'll be released in 2011 and also sounds like they're going to do something similar to Underworld and change it..... and probably kill it that way rather than spawn off another trilogy like the rumours seem to be.

    District 10 is all set and ready to go IMO. "I'll be back for you in 3 years time.", District 10 just set up and the shot of Wickers at the end. Its getting good reviews and if the public follows that with bums on seats then that'll give them a very good reason to go ahead with the sequel. I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen.
  17. Fantastic film.

    Good use of trained blokes as mercenaries as well. Little things...

    I might go again and barrack for the Prawns a little more.
  18. Do they throw in strong Sot Aepriken accents for good meaure ??? :grin:

    I have not heard a good saffa accent in a movie since . . . . diplomatic immunity!!! :LOL:
  19. Can't wait for a blueray release!!!
  20. Possibly because it was made in in South Africa, written and directed by a South African, based on his short film "Alive in Joburg"???