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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Night_Stalker, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. I was riding home from work, cruising at about 80k's when I feel a moth smack me in the chest pretty hard (for a moth anywho).

    Next thing I know, I've got a live moth flying around inside the visor of my helmet. Needless to say I had a bit of trouble concentrating on the road. I managed to pull over without losing too much control there.

    But what the heck? I'm still trying to work out how the thing managed to get inside my visor. I checked, the visor was completely closed, the vents were closed and there ain't no room around the neck for it to get in.

    Not to mention I hit it at 80k and it was fine. Freaked me out a bit it did and took everything I had not to lose control. Was wondering what you've all been hit by while riding.
  2. Bees (got inside the jacket, ouch).

    Oh yeah, been hit by (with) a speeding fine - does that count?
  3. with Spring around the corner, its insects time !

    I usually ride with my visor up, time to flip the lid down in the following weeks.
  4. Swooping Maggies..................oh that was on the pushy........................yeah, bug city atm.
  5. Ha! Two Summers ago I was riding home one balmy night (with the visor up) when I felt something sting my eye. I was just around the corner from home so i kept going, giving my eye a but of a rub as I went but not thinking too much of it.

    When I got home and was no longer concentrating on my riding I thought "gee that eye really stings" so I went and had a look in the mirror.

    Plastered over the white of my eye was a now-deceased mosquito. I had to pick its guts off my eyeball! Lower your visors at night in Summer people!
  6. You've obviously yet to have a bug hit you in the eye @ 80km/h. Not only are you blind for 5-10 seconds, it fcuking hurts! :p
  7. Hit across the bridge of the nose and right eye by a fuit bat @ ~90km/h.
    That REEEEEALLY hurt. Ended up with a bruised eye socket for a couple of days.
  8. One day i went out for a cruise and being winter, it got dark fairly quickly...
    I had my iridium visor on (which is pitch black and you cannot see a damn thing @ night) and got smacked right in between my eyes with a rock!!! :-O
    Now that was pure %^&(^ pain! :(
    Only had a small cut...
  9. Meh. Wear an open face and eat the suckers. Full of protein.
  10. Grasshoppers ... as in a plague of them on the Nullabor Plain. They HURT when they hit, and I had bruises the size of 20c pieces.

    The priceless bit was the 2 bikies behind us, 2up on an old trumpy.... with open face helmets :shock: Rider pulled into a road house behind us, one hand covering his mouth, and his beard was green with squished grasshopper goo.

  11. here was a close call I had a few months ago !

    See the Bee wedged in my helmet !!
    just millimeters from my left temple !! :shock:

  12. not sure what kind of bug it was before it became green goo...... but what ever it was i once recived a big green goo splatter that covered half my visor and eventually shoulders.

    christmas beatles make a cool sound hitting your visor at night. :wink:
  13. haha.. christmas beetles... I hadn't thought those would be a problem.

    But then having a moth somehow get into my full face helmet with the visor completely closed was something I'd never considered either...

    Bees though... that's just scary.
  14. Hot blonde in a mini-skirt dropping her handbag on the sidewalk. :eek:
  15. Riding in New Zealand last year...a bee made it through the tiny gap in my leather jacket between the zip and press stud, and stung me on the throat!
    I thought i had been hit by a rock, till it started stinging and burning...one very panicked rider ( me) trying to pull over quickly and safely with a bike fully loaded with luggage was quite a sight I'm sure!!
  16. Ever sneezed in your helmet ? If your visors open you wear it all over your face! and if its closed your visor wears it so you cant see through your boogers! so your screwed either way
  17. yep

    had a big fallen leaf stick to my wet visor blocking vision. just popped the visor up quickly though so no prob.

    other distractions... speed cams, cops, chicks and chick cops...! just to check wether or not we actually want them to pull us over :p
  18. As a chronic hayfever sufferer I'd have to say that this one really grinds my gears!
  19. Not on the bike, but my worst case was driving along and having the biggest wasp I've ever seen hit the driver's side pillar, bounce off the steering wheel, and land right next to the family jewels.
    Of course it probably wasn't that big, but it definitly seemed like it at the time.
  20. You should have tried riding in the 70's, when miniskirts and tank-tops were in, and bra's were out.... :wink: