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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by gundy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. I was riding my pushie to work this morning and noticed a total of 3 people in cars, txting while driving in moving traffic. How anyone thinks that this is a good idea is beyond me. Thank fsck I wasn't riding in front of them on the motorbike, a SMIDSY waiting to happen. Of course, when the cops/ambos come for the cleanup, the phone would be hidden/denied.

    Unfortunately only managed to catch one on cam, but it made me think that it must be happening pretty regularly.

    I thought I'd start a thread where people could post pics and or video of drivers in various levels of distraction. Gather some hard evidence that contrary to what TAC may want us to believe, [motor]cyclists aren't the only ones responsible for the unfortunate statistics, and that if they don't want us to be able to filter out of harms way, then we get stuck in front of this sort of thing.

    Yes, she was moving at the time of the pics, and no, she was definitely not paying enough attention to what was going on around her.


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  2. SMIDSY, soon to be replaced with SMITH, Sorry Mate Im Texting Here
  3. My pet hate, texting while driving. The best was a woman I saw with two kids in the back seat under two years of age. Texting away, swerving all over the road. Missing light changes from red to green, cars behind blowing their horns at her to move, totally oblivious to what's going on around her. I'd like to see the penalties for texting while driving to be automatic loss of licence. $2000 fine.
  4. It's arguably much worse than low range drink driving and should be treated at least as seriously. Can't find it with a camera, though, or even an RBT (RTT?) Need cops out and about on the roads actually policing the stuff that takes lives.
  5. should send pics to the cops with there licence plates.. see what good it would come out of it... i hate people like this .. in fact i caught my misses doing this last night on our way out to dinner.. i snatch it out of her hand and chucked it on the back seat.. her excuss was " i am at a red light i cant go anywhere".. i said its not the point dont do it again.
    she now knows what NOT to DO.... if i catch her again the phone will be out the bloody window
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  6. I wish I had my gopro on me last night on the way home. Heading back to Geelong and there's a car in the right hand lane probably going about 120 with white smoke billowing out the back of the car.

    He changed lanes twice and still didn't notice something was on fire so I pulled up along side him and pointed to the back of his car he still had no idea what was going on so I just left him be and got outta there.
  7. went to the cops once with the licence plate after nearly being forced into the gutter by a texta, cops said they can only do something if they see them themselves, photo evidence might be a different story.
  8. Yes ! I had three of them in a row today, too ! On the Princes Highway, heading north, just before the runway tunnel.

    Spotted a Tarago in the middle lane, using all of the lane and then some, pulled up alongside as we slowed for a red light - yep, mum texting away. At the green, my lane moved a little quicker - the tradie in front of the Tarago shamelessly had his phone stuck to his ear AND THEN, the ( gay? ) bloke in front of the tradie in his Mazda 3 ( dahling ) was fiddling around in his lap TEXTING !! FFS !!

    I can see all this as clear as day in my lifted Jeep, I'm sure any motorbike cop would have just as good a view.

    Licence cancellation on the spot is the minimum these people deserve.
  9. This is the one area I support the cops using unmarked cars because people generally stop the moment they see cops

    The mythbusters where they showed drink driving vs phones should give people an indication of how dangerous it actually is.
  10. I dunno if you were also moving at the time of the pics but riding along taking photos of people is equally as bad.
  11. I was using a go pro mounted securely to my helmet, requiring no user interaction. Thanks for your concern though.

    I see the guy who recorded the couple hitching a ride on the back of the tram has gotten himself in trouble for something similar.
  12. ahhh yeah shoulda thought of that!

    on the subject and off the topic, how do you capture images from go pro footage?
  13. I once saw a woman eating a bowl of cereal in peak hour traffic, one hand holding the bowl and the other hand spooning it into her mouth, so no hands on the wheel! WTF!
  14. Using VLC it's pretty easy: http://www.tvcrit.com/tvcrit3/framegrab/VLC9/

    Alternatively, on windows you can press Alt-PrintScreen to capture the window, or Command-Shift-4 I think on a Mac..
  15. Nope. There's a thread around here somewhere that talks about when I took video/pics of a massive oil/fuel streak up a road, ending at a parked car sitting in a puddle of it. While the rainbow coloured road LOOKED pretty, I thought it was unsafe. Took it to the cops, who said they can't do anything unless they see the car driving. Told me to contact vicroads. They told me to contact EPA. They told me to contact vicpol or vicroads.

    -- Sent from the year 2319 using Tapatalk (if you can read this, I finally got my flux capacitor working)
  16. I don't know what the big deal is. Driving in a car DOES have it's privilages. You can all kinds of stuff.
    Read the paper, stare at your gps system, watch your speedo, text, talk, drink a beverage, put on makeup, take off make up, blow the horn....etc.
    AND, if you hit a cyclist or a bike, it may not even damage the car much...
    Crikey! You can fiddle with all kinds of fancy doodads, like the radio or music player!

    ShIt!...you can't do ANY of that while riding!
    I love to get out in the car now and then, it's so liberating!
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  17. How about NO.
    How about not concerning ourselves with individual cases.
    How about NOT getting sucked into the dob them in culture perpetuated by the agencies who can't do their job and are looking for the public to do it for them.
    How about we concentrate our efforts on shifting a cultural mentality that excuses and justifies these behaviours in the first instance.
    How about we address the issue at it's root cause and not focus on the individuals.
    How about we fight fire with fire.
    How about we think outside the little box they've put us in.
    How about we go after the system that causes the proliferation in the first place?

    How about we cut the head off the serpent?
    How about we stop being weak and focusing on the weak?
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  18. Slightly on this subject, am I the only one who gets freaked when seeing car drivers wearing earphones? As if the windows and metal don't cut out enough ambient noise on newer cars now there's a trend for drivers to shove things in there ears.
  19. In my original post I had no intention of "dobbing" these people in. Screen grabs were chosen specifically to avoid displaying plates (they were blurry anyway). I don't want retribution against the individual. This is systemic.

    Like I said, i want to start gathering a body of evidence that there are a lot of people out there behaving dangerously, and that they are putting riders, cyclists and other motorists at risk through their actions.

    Bleating on about it is all well and good, but if we can demonstrate with evidence how common this is, and how motorcyclists are disproportionately disadvantaged by these distracted drivers, we have a lot more credibility in the argument.
  20. I can see the problem here with the 'dob them in 'bit...........but damn it pisses you off no-end doesnt it :( you'd just like to do sumthin'..........
    Like the silly lil' P-plate biatch I saw texting, in her bag, in her lap, while in congested traffic......I know where her fcuking eyes were, and it WASNT on the road.

    Might be different/ read pointless in the big smoke but.... in regional towns, would love to get a paper onside that would print photos of some of the local tools doing this sorta thing........wouldnt need a rego in most cases.... a lotta people would recognise that ******** in the red hilux, or the bimbo in the lime green Mazda2.....

    public shaming of the subtle kind