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Distracted Drivers more dangerous than speeding Drivers.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Thera, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Not entirely sure where to put this as its sort of on topic and sort of off topic, sort of political and sort of not.

    so here it goes. Feel free to move delete if its in the wrong spot.

    Absent-minded drivers to blame for crashes

    Well, I don't find it that suprising really, I have nearly come a cropper more near the beach at summer time, then cruising around 5 bits over the speed limit.

    Would like to see it more detailed as to injuries/fatality for distracted/speeding/drunk/(I suppose you can be all three)

    They must be the ones that drive on the Monash at night.

  2. i agree, so many times i see cars veering while people fiddle with their phones, cd players, and make up.. seen heaps of chicks with their rear view mirrors looking at their face. while they check their hair. nails and what not.
  3. And of course the Victoria Police propaganda spokesperson's response was to pretty much dismiss the whole thing as unimportant compared to... (c'mon, you can guess it!)...

    ... yep, 'SPEED'.

    In other words, act like a total d!ckhead behind the wheel and as long as you're under the legal limit, they'll simply ignore you. :evil:
  4. Recently saw a young mum doing 110 down the Hume near Narellan with 1 child loose and wandering around the back seat, another in the front with his/her face pressed against the windscreen, small dog jumping around front to back, and guess what else.......you guessed it.....she was texting! :shock:

    Chose my moment to pass very carefully!
  5. How about watching the olympics on the portable mini tv stuck to the inside of the windscreen while you're driving? Seen 3 of those already last week.

    Obviously it can't be dangerous as long as you're cheering on the aussies! :p
  6. How about the drivers who are having their bongs, as they go along. Lucky they are usually slow.
  7. Bet you won't see this in an ad campaign!

    But yeah, phones, CD's Farking DVD's & my all time favourite cereal & milk in a bowl with a spoon while pretending to drive! No wonder they don't see us!

    The faster I ride the more observant I become not less!

    Same goes when I'm in the cage!

    It's not speed that kills it's morons on auto pilot or out to breakfast whilst driving!
  8. I eagerly await the publication, next week, of shocking new findings on the defecatory habits of bears and the Pope's religious affiliations.
  9. Watch our fearless leaders jump on this band wagon like a fat kid on the last smartie on earth :roll:
  10. did anyone watch today tonight last night?

    police have identified the newest danger on out road the "angry female driver"

    lol take that womens lib. the whole report cracked me up.

    the sad thing is that some people must believe some of this crap that they just keep "identifying" out of their asses.

    58%of accidents are caused by speeding
    38% caused by alcahol
    23%caused by drugs
    63%caused by distracted drivers
    78% caused by males between 18-25
    41%caused by mobile phones
    39%caused by angry female drivers

    god help us if an argry female who's high and pissed starts speeding while distracted by chatting on her mobile to her 18-25 year old boyfriend
  11. Speeding? Speed cameras
    Red Light Running? Red light cameras
    Drink driving? RBT
    Drug driving? RDT

    Absent-minded ???? any ideas :idea:
  12. Increased speed limits. Find me anyone who focuses on the road less, the faster that they go.

    What we're seeing today is the upshot of all the speed kills enforcement. Everyone's now slowing down to 20-30kph less than they used to travel 15 years ago, and everyone is now bored, distracted, or got something else that they'd rather be doing than actually focusing on the road, forgetting that they're still in control of a few tonnes of steel which can do an awful lot of damage even at 60kph.

    This is exactly it now. They keep making the limits lower and lower, and enforcing them more and more heavily, and people spend more time watching their speedo's going at ridiculously slow speeds for the conditions that they get bored and distracted.

    Take a look at NT. Decreased the speed limits and everyone starts having accidents, 'cos they now take longer to get anywhere, are on the road for longer, get more tired, pay less attention, get more distracted, and they crash.

    The government now is starting to realise that it's starting to reap what it began to sow about 20 years back. It'll take another 20 years though before they'll ever admit that the whole "Speed Kills" enforcement policy is actually causing more accidents than it prevents. The accidents may be less serious, yes, but people are crashing more often.
  13. Check for more than two wheels. If there's 4, throw the book at 'em.
  14. Oh, this is easy.

    A name-and-shame campaign - a sign says "FLASH YOUR HEADLIGHTS IF YOU'RE NOT A POO-POO HEAD" and then Today Tonight shows photos of the drivers who don't comply.

    "Tonight on Today Tonight - Poopoo heads and their cars. Film at 11."
  15. :LOL:
  16. It gets more complex than simply "speeding".

    Here's a summary of most of the fatalities to date (2008) here in Victoria with the known details.
    (edit: it's probable that unlicenced and intoxication may apply to some other crashes as well - it's limited to what information is available and verifiable at present)

    At least 6 of them were well over the speed limit. We're talking licence losing speeds here - not just a few kph over. And some of these are in areas like suburban streets where, quite frankly, travelling at high speed is really, really stupid.

    What is coming out is that a combination of inattention or poor judgement of the part of car drivers and speed on the bike (particularly in lower speed limit zones) can be lethal. Car drivers have a lot of trouble estimating the speed of an oncoming bike and its possible this could be a contributing factor.

    1 * off road into brick wall -possible cardiac arrest prior to crash
    1 * ran off road in fog
    2 * crossed to wrong side of road on corner and hit car
    (of these two, one was licenced for 250 - riding 1000,
    the other way too fast for corner - but under the limit)
    1 * doing mono lost it and went under the back of a 4WD head first(in CBD Latrobe St)
    3 * losing it on left hand corner (2 probably under speed limit, 1 way over)
    1 * went through wooden fence & into a brick wall at (very) high speed (unlicenced)
    1 * hit kangaroo
    2 * losing control at speeds well over speed limit
    1 * car doing u-turn, witnesses also said very high speed for bike ( >100 in 60k)
    1 * running off road (intoxication)
    2 * (rider & pillion) unable to stop at roundabout & hit steel sculpture (>100 in 60k)
    1 * falling under semi while splitting (possible medical?)
    1 * no details
    1 * struck other bike
    1 * running into rear of truck
    2 * right turning cars
  17. That's an excellent and useful summary.

  18. I saw a snippett of it and found it sooo funny, they were saying how women are angrier and more aggressive behind the wheel, then they have a shot of a male taxi driver hitting a pedestrian
  19. 'Absent-minded' sometimes just means mentally vague and off in your own little world. But a lot of times 'distracted' means distracted by *something* - phone (ack, let's not do that debate again here, please), cereal, small dog, CD change, etc, etc.

    Whether you like it or not, more cop cars on the road (plus better education) is the only thing that's going to fix that. Cops in cars see the same things we do (especially unmarked cars) and should be pulling people over if they are not paying due care and attention to driving.

    More expensive to maintain than a speed camera, but has the advantage of actually reducing accidents and saving lives. Which government is going to be the first to be smart enough to see the electoral potential there?

    (Of course, inattentive drivers get to vote too - grr)
  20. I've always been rather taken by the Judge Dredd "Careless Driving Costs Lives -- YOURS" ad that I saw about 15 years ago :grin: .