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Distance Commuter Options

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DisgruntledDog, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    I was hoping for some suggestions on bikes as I'm thinking of replacing the Bandit 1250SA.

    I love the Bandit but I'm sick of giving Pete at Everything 2 Wheels my hard earned every couple of months. A 6000k service interval means a trip to the mechanic every 2 months which is just a pain.

    My commute is 2k of dirt, 40k of straightish country roads and 15k of twisties, 20k of freeway and inner city main roads. It's about 80k each way, so 800k a week.

    I've thought about the various adventure bikes like the BMW 1200GS, Ducati Multistrada etc. All of these have some appeal but dirt only represents 2.5% of my ride, so I've decided to expand my horizons. Open to any suggestions.

    So, things that are important are:

    • 10,000k service interval
    • Comfortable Ride (hour ride each way)
    • Weather Protection
    • Good in traffic (torque, not too wide etc.)
    • A tad of hooligan
    • Capable in the twisties

    Also, I've got ABS and it saved me from a bit of grief tonight in the rain and a moment of inattention, so that would be high on the list too.

    Ideally, I'd like to spend around $20k for a second hand one or maybe a bit more for the right beast. Looking to get something before the end of the year.
  2. Can you still find the ARR(Australian Road Rider) bike guide in the newsagents? It has a good range of bikes with service intervals listed. Thought about a BMW? Triumphs also have a 10000 service interval, so does Moto Guzzi.
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  3. Ta, I'll have a look.

    I've decided that I need a shaft drive as I cleaned my bike on Saturday and it pissed down on Sunday and Monday and the bike is covered in mud. I really need to clean my chain every week and that doesn't happen.

    Where I park in the city there is a BMW R1200RT and a Yammy FJR and both of them seem the goods as does the BMW K1300S and VFR1200
  4. Hi mate, just thought you'd like an impression on the BMW R1100/1200 series.

    I rode my Father's R1100S last year while he had a stint on whatever it was I was riding at the time. First thing that caught me was the torque - massive and everywhere, very strong as well. Another was that despite being a physically large bike it was also very nice through the corners. I was all set up for 'torque reaction' that people whinge about from shafties but there really didn't seem to be any to 'cope' with, only great manners! I gave it a bit much intentionally and it stepped out... not violently but just out. Lowered the throttle and it settled back in. 'What next' seemed to be what it was saying. The windscreen was pretty good and the seating felt pretty spacious and comfortable as well. Fuel economy has been around the 5L/100km mark no matter what Dad does with it (he rides hard on occasion) and he'll frequently get mid 4's on the highway if sticking to the limit.

    Another interesting tidbit about it is that he'll keep with my similarly weighted uncle on his FJR1200 in a roll-on drag race, pulling ahead at the bottom and losing slightly at the top of the rev range before they have to change gear.

    Anywho, just thought you might like a bit of insight seeing as you mentioned the Beemers. I'd also have a look at the Honda CBR1000F's or whatever their replacement is these days - I rode one a while ago and like it, ended up buying one just recently too.

    Cheers - boingk
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  5. +1 on the Beemers. Big heavy and comfortable but capable of getting up and boogieing surprisingly well when the need arises. The Telelever/Paralever suspension combo is superb and lets you brake far, far deeper into turns than anything else out there so you can have reasonably risk free fun outbraking sports bikes in the twisties. Running costs are surprisingly cheap too. I've known several people (myself included) who've run older (Ks and airheads mostly, but I had a lo-buck R1100RT for a couple of years until it got smacked out from under me one night) BMWs because they're cheaper and easier to keep on the road long term than any other litrebike.

    See if you can score a ride on one. Preferably a longish one. Beemers have a lengthy acclimatisation period. If you try one out for 10 minutes you'll probably hate it. Ride it for a week and you'll wonder why all bikes aren't like this :D.
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  6. Thanks.

    Unless I can get a really good deal on the VFR1200, it's out. 18.5 litre tank and 6 LP100K means it won't do two round trips on a tank. It's already a pain to fill up every second day.

    While I've always been a fan of boxer engines (and dogs) the amount of mud that gets flung around when the road is wet makes me think that a fairing covering most of the motor is a good thing.

    So it comes down to the K1300S or the FJR.

    I'm leaning towards a K1300S. Plenty of hooligan, shaft drive, 2 round trips to a tank. Not too heavy, plenty of hooligan, comfort and plenty of hooligan.
  7. The VFR 1200 was supposed to replace the Blackbird, It failed badly.
    Ive done 53,000 klms in 2.5 years.
    One chain. 4 sets of tyres, Changed oils, General maitenance,
    The FI doesnt need servicing, Unless you want to waste money on nothing,
    24 litre tank, 350 Klms to the red light, Two up. then another 75 Klms in reserve,
    Around the 30.000 Klm mark, they need the CCT changing, I havent changed mine as it doesn't rattle yet. $70-00 in Aus, $40-00 on the internet.
    Needs higher bars, The clip ons are not suitable for around town, No flickability. Lambswool seat cover removes numb bum for the long hauls,
    My runs are usually around 800 klms a day. Fuel up and a smoke, ready to roll again.
    Its only down fall is its not too good on the dirt, Different tyres would fix that problem.
    Its comfy, plenty of hooligan,
    I only slow down for really tight hair pin corners as the wheel base is quite long, Very forgiving.
    Handles superbly, Two wheel missile,
    You can pick up a late model FI Blackbird quite cheaply. around the $8 TO $10 Grand mark.

    Its only a suggestion to keep your options open,
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  8. In my experience, if things are really mucky, all that happens is that the fairing fills up instead :D.