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Dissapointed in my purchase, lacks ooomph!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Julian Walker, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hey all, Im new to this site and well, new to the whole biking thing. Im 39 and just got my learners .......Woohoo!
    Anyway I went and bought a XVS250 coz I think they look the best, and really, can one cruiser 250 be so different to another 250.
    If u buy a 6 cylinder Ford or a holden they are going to be roughly similar, right? but in the bike world its completely different.
    I just cant believe how gutless my bike is and I just thought that its a 250, so thats that.

    I went to Elizabeth street and spoke to some of the guys there and was told that my bike is one of the least powerful there is. WHAT ???
    I then test rode a hornet which was totally more powerful, but its still a 250, how ignorant am I?

    Anyway Im now told that my
    Yamaha XVS250 has about 15 horsepower
    Honda Hornet has about 30
    Kawasaki GPX 250 has about 40
    and that If I wanted a good cruiser then I should have got a VN250 (eliminator EL250)

    I am really annoyed that I was so ignorant but now that Im prepared to lose some money I want to get a better idea of the get up and go of some of the 250's.
    Now let me say that Im in Vic so other bigger LAMS approved bikes are just not relevant here....yet.

    Can anyone enlighten me on the horsepower ratings of these and some other 250s please.
  2. Mate, this, Depending on who was doing the ranking, the Virago finished either second or third in the power department, so we'll call it a tie with the Suzuki. Some of the Virago's power probably comes from sporting the highest compression ratio of the class (10.0:1). Regardless, the Virago was quick off the line, delivering pleasant power whether in the urban jungle or on country back roads. Keeping up with interstate traffic was easy until on the high side of 70 mph. Cruising power was good and only occasionally required downshifts for hills. The exhaust note left the others in the dust. comes from This website You may have something wrong with your bike. The Hornet style of engine will have more grunt but the Virago are popular.

    EDIT: Found HP - 21 little fat Japanise ponies with vtwin torque :)
  3. Virago is noteably one of the fastest 250 cruiser out there. beside Kawasaki VN 250 that is.
  4. I dont feel as though there is anything wrong with my bike, I bought it new and have had it checked back at the shop where I got it from. I just noticed an amazing diff between the hornet and the XVS. The hornet revs so much highre and just keeps going whreas the XVS just starts to vibrate.
    Im trying to get some specs on the power of these bikes if that is possible.
  5. Whoever's been giving you those figures clearly doesn't know their stuff.
    The Hornet is restricted to 40hp
    The GPX is around 35
    And the XVS should be putting out around 22 which is less than the EL250s 27hp.
    The power output of bikes does depend on the "style" - cruisers aren't designed for going fast so they tend to have "lazier" engines than what you'd find in a sportsbike. Much the same way that although 6-cylinder Fords/Holdens may be similar they're well down on power compared with say a BMW M3 or 6-cylinder Porsche.
    Basically though any 250cc bike with 4 cylinders will be producing around 40hp, "sporty" twins are around the 35 mark. If you want to stick with a cruiser the Hyosung GV250 is probably the most powerful as it's using the engine from the sportier GT250R. Although there is plenty of happy XVS250 owners out there, so as suggested above I'd be making sure your bike is running to its full potential before moving to something else.

  6. From here About half way down. Prices in US$
  7. I thought the XVS250 was the v-star 250. The XV250 is the virago?

    Different styling/size isn't it?
  8. rgv250 60+ hp and weighing around 130kg

    this thing boogies

    as a matter of fact im selling one :p
  9. XVS is the VStar250 and it is slightly bulkier looking than the Virago.
    Im pretty sure it has the same engine and similar weight, its just a bigger looking bike.
  10. you're comparing a cruiser to a naked sports - they're totally different bikes, with totally different engines, different top speeds, etc

    my Honda CB250 was about as gutless as a pushbike. But the Honda VTR 250 pulls like crazy, and the Hornet 250 is awesome.

    just cause two bikes have a 250cc engine doesn't mean their power to weight ratio is the same.

    i.e a Hyosung Aqulia 650 is LAMS legal. The Hornet 600 isn't.
  11. Yeah, if you want a really powerful 250 one of the couple of RGVs selling here is definitely the go.
  12. I wouldn't trade in the XVS for any other 250 four-stroke, whatever you get you'll probally get tired of it. The XVS has enough power.

    No learner bike is really going to satisfy your desire for power if you got tired of the XVS that quickly. Wait till you're unrestricted. Or buy an RGV.
  13. Best advice I've read in this thread!

    Plus I'm sure I've read somewhere that the RGV & NSR are about to become personna nongratus for learners!

    Go for your licence asap & upgrade when you come off your restrictions & be thankful for the lessons you've already learn't!

    Oh by the way, welcome to the forum & the wonderful world of motorcycling! Keep it shiny side up!
  14. Is anyone aware of the diffences in power between the Eliminator250 and my XVS250. Im told that the eliminator has twice as much power ????
  15. Hey Julian, why did you decide on a cruiser in the first place?

    Usually people go for the "look" or because they THINK it is more comfortable. I actually find that the more upright bikes, ie. Hornet, VTR, Bandit, have much more power and a more comfortable riding position. They will also teach you correct riding input. I'm in your age-group, so I know a cbr250rr is not going to be the best choice, if you like to feel your back, legs, arms,... :LOL:

    Have a look at;
    Honda VTR
    Suzuki Bandit
    Kawasaki ZZR/GPX

    Good luck!

  16. 35 fat little ponies here
  17. sorry, but in my humble opinion, unless you are pinning the throttle, all the over coming out of a corner you dont need more power just yet.

    oh whats that?...

    oh thats right, its a virago...

    sorry i forgot those bikes dont get it over..

    :p :p :p

    go 4 or five teeth up on the rear sprocket, it will keep you entertained for a little. alternativly you could get a VTR250. they are an unbelievably good bike for a 250 in the right hands, and still friendly enough for a jewb.


    EDIT: yeah the kwaka eliminator might have 35 FAT little ponnies but it also weighs a shitload more than the virago would. that bike is one chubby little 250. shame about no lams the 650 aquila hyo would be a good bet and look shit hot
  18. Note quite double,


    EDIT: beaten by the bigger bike. :p
  19. no wonder the eliminator is heaps more powerful, water cooled vs air cooled. 66mm bore vs 49 mm bore. the eliminator does have 26 kilos extra lard but, and torque figure arnt that different.

    and yes i am stuck at work and bored as bat shit
  20. Lose the rest. Just pimped a CBR250RR (98 Model), with custom jets and a new CDI. Had it dyno'ed puts out ~45 at the back wheel! :grin: , but drinks fuel like a fish.

    Projecting this to the horsepower you guys are refering too, makes it approximately ~55bhp.