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disposing oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by abvc, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    im wondering where to dispose engine oil properly?
  2. I normally keep an old oil bottle and pour the used oil into that, you could also use old juice bottles or the like.
    Then you can ethier throw them in the bin or dispose of them properly at a recycling plantation or tip (depending on your concience). Although if you store them in the bottle and throw out make sure it has cooled down first before sealing the bottle. Otherwise....BOOM :wink:
  3. icecream bucket that can be tipped onto a mean neighbour.
  4. /view-blocking-tree :grin:
  5. Your local tip/transfer station should take it off your hands for free. Thats the case in Wellington Shire anyway.

    Much better than just "tossing" it :mad:
  6. Pour along ya fenceline.. or ya neighbours. :p
  7. Bugger…I would of guessed that you drank your oil…learn something every day! :shock:
  8. hm thx. do you know where i can get the oil pan? kmart doesn't seem to have one
  9. Super cheep auto would,
  10. cool. i'll check my dealer tom.
  11. You can make an oil pan by cutting the side out of a milk bottle or coolant bottle. Cut the hole off centre so when it's full you can tip it up slightly to take the lid off then pour the oil into a container for disposal. Works a treat. :)
  12. Kmart do a nice oil pan, has a tray for the sump plug and oil filter to drain on, however, Kmart have been getting progressively worse at keeping stock lately......probably their financial position.
    Anyway, any waste transfer centre is obliged to take waste oil for free, you usually pour it into a big drum and put the empty containers in a bin next to it.
    Some servos and larger mechanics also offer the service, I think the EPA website has a list or similar.
    I usually wait til I have about 30 litres to take (we have three cars and a bike in the family, they get changed every six months or 10k kms, bike less), saves a few trips.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Makes great weed killer!
  14. gotta try another kmart 4 sure. btw i just bought a supatool from kmart, just need a pan and the oil :grin: what place would you recommend to get petroleum oil ?
  15. It's also good to paint onto sleepers to deter termites :)
  16. Oil pan from Auto one or Super cheap auto or the likes, and if your draining the oil then you will need to put it back in. So dont look past a $2 funnel :wink:
  17. Just my 2 cents worth. Deifinitely don't just throw it out, but instead get it into a sealable bottle/container and shifty it down to your loocal service station/mechanic after dark.. Easy..
  18. I just store it in old bottles and when the time comes that I need to take the car to the mechanic I just ask him to pour it in his recycling container.

    They don't usually charge me for that because I'm already paying for whatever the car needs.

  19. i just knew super cheap auto is a shop. couldn't find in yellowpages. thanks 4 tips guys. will visit 4 sure this weekend.