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Disposable tents

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. http://www.gizmag.com/the-biodegrad...aign=4eceac0b8f-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email

    Interesting idea, though I do find it somewhat ironic that the target market seems to be the save-the-earth type hippies that are too drunk/stoned to look after a proper tent - and would rather vast amounts of resources be put into manufacturing and distributing something they can leave behind without feeling guilty. But I digress....

    Couldn't find any details as to potential pricing but if this was something that packed small enough, and was cheap enough, it could prove to be extremely useful as a sort of emergency accommodation for motorcycle touring or the occasional weekend away.

    I'm curious whether this is something people might buy, or whether it's in the same category as buying pre-boiled eggs.

  2. I definitely would. Take the dirt bikes out with the SO and sleep wherever we stop without needing too much luggage. Sounds like an awesome idea.
  3. All my tents have returned to the earth. On at least one occasion, while I was still inside :D.

    Not really that keen. I daresay it's waterproof from rain from above, but I'll bet it would wick up water from wet ground like nobody's business, turning to mush in the process.

    Nope. I think I'll stick to the "hassle" of rolling mine up and airing it properly when I get home. That way it'll be many years before it ends up in landfill.
  4. Doesn't look like it has a floor at all, and doesn't look like it gets very small either - count me out...
    But WOW! I'd buy the WASP Injector Knife off that site!
  5. people will pay money to sleep in a deluxe cardboard box?!
  6. if it was also edible i might consider it, depending on what flavours were available
  7. thats a great idea. you need water food and shelter in that order right? when you run out of food eat your shelter.... sounds like corn and potato are the only flavours but.
  8. I'll take the corn, with a waterproofing layer of cheese.
    Mmmm, nacho tent.
  9. Any ride i go on where i dont need privacy i use a hoochie, if it looks like it'll rain i take a bivvy bag as well. They both fit in my jacket so they pack small and probably cost less.

  10. you provide your own poles, or just hunt around for a suitable sticks... I mean poles.

    Haven't used a hoochie since basic training.
  11. The Hoochie is your friend.
    CBRider has shown you 2 configurations, but there are several more.
    Poles may be sourced as required, but are definitely not mandatory.
    May also cover yourself, or your ride...
  12. I spent many a night under a hootchie,seeing ice on the upper surface in the morning was a reminder just how little I was being paid for such luxuries. Two of them pack down small and connect to each other with press studs,some cord and or occy straps and you have instant shelter.
    I like the nacho tent idea though :D
  13. "We've all seen the photos – the absolute devastation at the end of a festival after the revelers have gone home. A number of organizations are looking to turn this waste into green industry including Vanessa Harden and friends at Do The Green Thing who have designed a biodegradable tent that will decompose post-party and replenish the soil in the process."

    That's right: the photos of all those tents left behind post-party!

    Someone - Vanessa and friends - really weren't thinking very hard! It's called the difference between the reality of innovation, and a desperate grasping at the mere appearance of it. Vanessa should host a TV show.
  14. My two man tent is 600mm long, 100mm X 100mm, it comes in a carry pack, tent poles are included inside the the carry pack,
    It fits inside my pack rack bag, or I can occy strap it across my seat behind the pillion,
    Takes five minutes to put up and less to pack it up,
    I could even strap it across my handle bars,
    It weighs nothing.
    Totally water proof, Tested on rides, comes with a floor and fly screens,
    $24-00 From Big W in Eastland, will last me for years,