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Disposable ear plugs

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by twistngo, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I've been using E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons for over a year now. Around $40 for a hundred pairs delivered from Earjobs
    I find them very comfortable and effective. Go through a pair or two every week. Can reuse them a few times.
    Was thinking of getting custom plugs but at these prices....
    Just got another 100 pairs which reminded me to put the link up.

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  2. When I started riding, and released that earplugs were indeed a good idea, I went down the disposable route. However I either bought the wrong ones, or they don't suite my ears or I'm using them wrong, but I found that they weren't that effective. I got them from Earmold Australia too, so I was a little disappointed.

    So I went out and bought a good pair of "in ear" phones. They blocked WAY more sound the disposables did. I also get to hear my music, so I was happier in the end.
  3. I pinch Howard Leight Laserlite from work and they are quite good. I also agree that in ear phones are the go as you get music too
  4. I use E.A.R foam plugs too, I get them free from work but even at $40 for 100 pairs they are a bargain.
  5. Long time E.A.R user, but lashed out for ear moulds - and I'm happy.
  6. Thanks Mate - on your recommendation I have bought some. Of course, if they don't work, I will give you shit...just kidding
  7. i used to lift them from work, but they stopped supplying them for employees so i bought howard leight MAX. keep a few packs in my tool roll too, just in case
  8. that's a WorkSafe Inspectors wet dream right there.
  9. Same as I use.

    When I started riding and realised I needed earplugs, I went to a tradie's shop bought a couple of pairs of each one they had and tried them for size/effectiveness. Came back a week later and bought a box of 200 of the chosen ones.
  10. I hope people using the ones that play music are only doing so for entertainment value and aren't under the illusion they are saving their hearing.

    90% plus of people with ipods etc have it turned up to a volume within the hearing damage range. Just gets damaged by acca dacca this way instead of random wind noises.
  11. I use in-ear head phones for music and reduced wind noise. I have found that the in-ear head phones that came with my phone cancel about the same amount of noise as ear plugs (with music off). When music is playing, it is enough for me to listen to music...but not loud enough to drown out all the noise from the outside world, unlike some PT commuters with their choice of mobile music player.