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displaying parking tickets, do u need to?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. i just wanted to know if u need to display parking ticket (such as the city) u get out of the machines (dat u pay for)?

    and if u do where do u display it on a bike?

  2. I just buy the ticket and keep it with me. If I do end up with a parking fine, I have the ticket to produce to get out of it. If you put the ticket on the bike, you run the risk of it being blown away or pinched.
  3. so u still need to py for 1?

    dat sucks! :p
  4. Yeah still need to pay since in NSW the whole 'park anywhere as long as you don't block anyone' rule doesn't apply. I always see scooters tucked in little alcoves, not sure if they get fined for that..

    Luckily theres bike spaces at uni and I 'know a guy who knows a guy' at a parking station :D
  5. I can honestly say I have never paid for parking for the bike, and have never been booked.
    Lucky? Maybe, but it still works out WELL cheaper copping the occasional fine than paying legitimatly. Personally I would'nt bother bro...
  6. In Vic, you have to display it. Put it on the dashboard where it is visible from outside.
  7. #7 Cowboy1600, Jan 2, 2007
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    You purchase parking tickets? WTF?
  8. In this context, 'parking ticket' doesn't mean a fine or infringement notice. He should probably have said 'ticket to park': some parking areas have automatic systems where you pay and get a ticket. In a car you put it on the dash but it's not so easy for a bike.

    And GreenNinja, u will get more respek 4 usin standard English around here...
  9. people understood EXACTLY what i said
  10. Thanks Bravus.. I think Cowboy1600 quote the wrong message. I am sure what he was trying to say was why would you need a parking ticket for a bike in VIC.
  11. Ah yeah, cash, you could be right. I thought maybe he was from the Greensborough in the US, where 'parking ticket' definitely means 'parking fine'. Anyway, hope all is clear.

    And Ninja, yep, they did. And by all means, do exactly what you want to do. I know txt spk and 1337 sp34k and so on are commonly used all over the net, but just read the vast majority of the posts on this forum - people tend to write in standard English. I wasn't having a go at you, just offering a gentle hint about fitting in, but of course it's your absolute right to write any way you like.
  12. What dash board.... some of us prefer the naked way of life :grin:
  13. I rang my local council (warringah) about parking, etc. and they told me to buy ticket and take it with me, and if fined u appeal saying you paid. But you're supposed to use the ticket as proof that you had paid and appeal if you get a fine. If you can, just don't park in a real space, those triangle spaces between angle parks are tops :woot:

    Don't know why others couldn't understand OP, even if you weren't certain what he meant, it was clear from the context IMO.
  14. No-one said they couldn't understand what GreenNinja wrote. However, the fact that we can interpret the scribblings of the functionally illiterate doesn't make reading them any less jarring for those of us who do read and write English.
  15. Where in Vic do you ned a parking ticket for a bike ?
  16. This subject has been raised by the MCC of NSW because this is an absolute f^&*up of a situation. Firstly, to set the scene, the state government handed over control of parking enforcement operations(ie. brown bombers) to local councils a year or two ago. Seeing a very fat cash cow, most councils have since gone all out to ramp up their enforcement apparatus. Consequently, parking fine revenue has tripled!

    Now for bikes....By law, we have to buy a ticket, park one bike per space(!) and display the ticket under ALL circumstances. This is because the law is written for cars and as per usual didn't take bikes into any consideration. As a result, many fines are issued to bikes for not displaying a ticket(be it bought and taken with you or not bought) or parking more than one to a space. I shit you not! It seems to come down to the council how they treat situations such as a rider who has had his ticket stolen. If you take the ticket with you, theoretically they can fine you for not displaying it but some councils are OK with that given the ticket could be stolen. Of course, you have to provide proof. Other councils won't have a bar of it because they have the law on their side and don't want to lose the revenue and won't rescind the fine.

    The really absurd aspect of this is when multiple bikes park in the one space. They can book any bike not displaying a ticket(either because they aren't displaying one or because they are parking more than one to a space). But what if someone else turns up and also buys a ticket for the same spot(some machines won't allow this as the tickets are issued specific to a space). You might have turned up first and done the right thing, but when the ranger is faced with two ticketed bikes they may end booking them both, even though both have paid!!!!. And what if you decided to take your ticket with you but the next bloke put his on his bike. Then you get the fine and not him.

    The MCC is trying to get something done about this but don't hold your breath. We are talking local councils here. If a council can enact new taxes on new beds in renovations and apply levies to "airspace" used by street-side shops, then they aren't going to give a shit about a few hard-done-by riders.

    Here is the MCC page on the issue:
  17. nice work there jarrad.

    i thought it was goin to be like "an advantage of having a bike is......" not paying for parking.

    but hey! at less i know now i have to pay and not get any unextected surprizes.

    thanks guyz :)
  18. i guess one solution is to write down the ticket number/time and date of purchase.

    or take a picture of the ticket with ur mobile and display original ticket on bike.

    however impractical this may be.
  19. If I had to deal with it I'd get riled up about the whole parking issue and do something about it. But I have parking available at uni / friends so you're on your own in terms of organizing a massive ride protest :) Totally there if you do tho.
  20. That is the way some have been proving that they tried to do the right thing. It is working in some cases but again, if the council are just being assholes then it will be an uphill battle to beat the fine.