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Displaying P plates

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by brunswickbiker, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I got my Learners 3 weeks ago and I'm loving riding.

    I see a fair few other L platers out there but never any P platers which is strange as you are usually on your Ps longer so there should be more.

    Do people just not display them? I can see the benefits of displaying Ls (look out for me, I'm could stall at the lights etc) but not really Ps. Do the coppers enforce it strongly?

    I'm in Victoria by the way.
  2. Brunswickbiker,

    One of the strange twists here in Victoria is that you must display your L plate, however, when you move onto P's, if you have a full car license then it is actually illegal to display a P plate on your bike.

    Go figure. I went straight from displaying L to displaying nothing. You are still restricted to Zero BAC, no pillion, etc.
  3. Thats very strange Cambo

    I wonder if its the same for NSW
  4. Thanks Cambo. That answers my question and explains why I never see any P platers on bikes. I've got full car licence so no p plates for me.

    I must have missed that bit in the vic roads book.
  5. No you didnt, it wasn't there (I've just done my L's today and have read the book many times this week).
  6. In NSW, you don't have to show P plates for the bike if you have full car license and are over 30.

    My P plate legitimately fell off during a ride and was done for it on the way home. $180 fine and 2 points in NSW. I appealed and about 8 months later it finally went through and they let me off. The P plate makes you a target, but riding a bike makes you even more of a target, especially around my area, so its not worth it from my perspective.
  7. Yeah, pretty sure we have to display them. I've thought about not doing so, in fact I've thought about it a lot...and I'm still thinking about it. P plates seem to be a flame for fooooly siiiiiiic bro moths in riced up cars and bogans in bommadores :)lol: I have one myself) to drive like complete David Hicks in order to boost their ego...wonder if their ego has a blow-off valve too!? "Ohh, aaah yeaaaaaah, blew the guy off the lights...pffffssssssssttt!" :rofl:

    Another example of laws working against safety in reality.
  8. Yeah, if you want to stop hoons, just ban blow off valves, that'll piss every hoon off, behehehehe :grin:

    Wait no, I like that noise.. :LOL:
  9. This was and I thought it still is the case here in VIC, but because there is SFA on TV tonight I thought I'd have a look at the vicroads site and all my searching didnt turn up this info. :? I'm sure it used to be in the handbook and I think it used to be a question on the test. I'm wondering if things have changed. There will be changes made on 1 July 07.

  10. Hehe Phizog, I'd love to use that law around the office in winter...somebody sneezes? IMMEDIATE DEFECT, vehicle impounded :twisted: :rofl:

    I like it too, and I love fast cars, but I don't like people being tools on the road, especially when I'm riding next to them :?
  11. i ride a motorbike and i display my p plate. as i am only 20, i still dont have my full car license. so as i have p on my car, i have to display a p on my bike even though i have a unrestricted bike license.

    its funny when i get pulled over by the cops when carrying a pillion. they always think that they have got me but then find out they have nothing as i have the full license for the bike.
  12. the reason u dont display a P plate if you have a full car licence is you actually have a FULL MOTORCYCLE licence, however it is restricted. So you ARE NOT on P's.
  13. I hope thats now how it works in nsw! :'(

    And Sheppo, say which state you're talking about discussing these variable type things. Else it all gets confusing.
  14. I might be in the same boat as you soon as in I have to stick a P plate on when I go riding since I dont have a car license....
  15. Having a restricted license and having a probationary license are two totally different things.

    What you have Goosh is a probationary license with an endorsement to ride a motorcycle, without restrictions.

    I am sure you still need to adhere to the BAC laws that apply to P platers when you are on the bike, even though you have no restrictions on your bike license.

    Restrictions are "supposedly" placed on your licence for the first 12 months so you don't ride beyond your skillset thus possibly injuring yourself or others while you master the art of riding.

    A probationary period on the other hand is mainly to make you prove to the rest of us road users/pedestrians that you respect the road, the road laws and other road users when you first gain the privledge to ride/drive on the public roads.

    I endured a probationary period many,many years ago, and proved my worthiness of holding a license, I see no point in making an already experienced road user go through another probationary period just because they choose to get extra endorsements on their license such as a rider endorsment or heavy vehicle/truck endorsement.

    I suspect it would also operate in reverse if you were to get your bike license first and then after 3 years or however long the Probationary period is, get you car license. I don't think you are required to display P's on the car but you are still required to follow the restrictions re BAC and no high performance cars or what ever the exact regulations are for first time car drivers , I am not sure what the length of the probationary period is, I know when I got my license back in the dark ages it was 3 years, although you only had to display a P plate for the first 12 months, then they changed it to 2 years, one year with a red plate/white P and another year with a different colour, I think it was a white plate with a red P, and somewhere inbetween then and now they bought in green plates , its all a bit confusing for us old folk to keep up with.

    But yeah, being on restrictions and being on probation are not one and the same. A restriction applies to a specific type of license endorsment, wether it be car or bike or truck for that matter ( truck drivers cant drive a B double(multi combination)until they have had a minimum of 3 years truck driving experience) where as the probationary period applies to the person in question not the method of transport/endorsment.

    A license is a license, is a license, and then you get it endorsed to verify your abilty to ride a bike or drive a truck, it's still all the same license. thats why if you loose your license for speeding or whatever whilst on the bike it also means you cant drive a car or truck.
    One license , multiple endorsments.

    phew, glad we got that sorted, my fingers need a rest :LOL:
  16. <-- Location: Skye, Victoria

    nuff said?
  17. true that about the bac for me but that doesnt worry me as i dont drink alcohol so i have no reason to worry.

    display p plate on any bike i ride, ok.
    carry pillion on bike, ok
    but still have BAC of 0 .
  18. Wow, I was going to try and explain it, But no need after Kaz's wonderfull post !

    • One license, can either be Probationary or Full
    • Probation lasts for three years from when you first get your P's, after that you never need to display P's again unless you lose your license for example
    • One or many endorsments (C(Car), R(Bike) etc...)
    • Bike restrictions are marked on your license as R-Date, Date being replaced by an actual date on which you are no longer restricted to low capacity bikes
    • Probation and Restriction are mutually exclusive, you can have one but not the other or both

    Basically the reason you don't see many P plate bike riders is because they where off their P's (Probably by driving a car for 3 years) before they got their bike endorsment.

    That is probably clear as mud :p
  19. I've got over 2 more years to enjoy my P plate flapping in the wind
  20. Yep so basically if you see a rider displaying P's it means (s)he is either under 21 or only just got his / her Car Licence. Also I thought in Vic you were on 250's and 0 BAC until 12 months after you get your L's (provided you pass the P's Test as well in that time)