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VIC Displaying P Plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by speccie27, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I have read somewhere (can't remember where) that if you are a motorcyclist over a certain age (can't remember what age) in Victoria you don't have to display P-plates (while other restrictions reply).

    Has anyone else heard this?


  2. If you have driven for a certain amount of years you dont need to display your 'P' plates when you get your motorcycle license, age is not the factor [I believe] RTA / Vicroads site will have the answer, have you 'searched' on here as yet?
  3. From the Vicroads website:


    Basically, if you hold a full car licence, you'll get a full motorcycle licence and you don't have to display P plates. However you are still restricted to zero BAC, no pillion, LAMS bike etc for period of 12 months.
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  4. Correct - some refer to being on Ps which it is not. It is a full license with some restrictions - but it isn't the same as a probationary license.
  5. Just thought I should state the obvious. The above does not apply in NSW. If you are above 25 and have a full drivers license, you get to skip P2(green Ps). But you still have to do P1(red Ps) for 12 months
  6. once you're on p2 the only restriction is zero BAC,
    can still ride a 1000rr! (at least in tassie)
    that and the points i guess. Four points isn't enough.

    got busted for not displaying P's 3 days before i didn't need them!
    2 points and an extra year of P's
  7. ...just for the record, the proposed GLS will put EVERY NOVICE RIDER through the same ringer... 12mths on L's, 3years on P1/P2, full restrictions for the 3 year P period, irrespective of driving experience or age.

    You've been told.
  8. I don't see what the big issue is displaying a P plate other than it clashing with the colour of my bike :p

    I was happy being able to get a bigger bike of my choice and not be restricted to the LAMS selection.
  9. It draws you to the attention of police more than if you weren't displaying any plate, be it L or P. Might be acceptable to you if you're 20 years old but when you're 30 + years it is an inconvenience best left to the young!
  10. Which is why I got my licence when I did. Warned in advance ftw!
  11. Hey Rob, I'm assuming this is not retrospective. Those of us currently on L's won't come under those rules?? I can go for my full licence next week but I was going to hang off for another month as I want to get some training. But if this applies to us, I'm going to get my full licence as soon as I can get an appointment.
  12. I'm 36 this year ;)
    I've been pulled over twice in three years and I ride every day. I think it comes more down to luck or how you ride more so than having a P plate IMO.
  13. Personally i think L/P plates are not only useless, but unsafe.

    legal requirement = 30kph+ slower than highway traffic? = dangerous

    whats the first thing you think when you see a L/P plate? = overtake, overtake
    just an automatic reaction.

    One of THE most dangerous things is a queue of impatient drivers being held up behind someone, plates or no plates. = stupid overtaking maneuvers

    I.e when people should be patient and let the Learner do their thing, instead they overtake at any cost! purely because of the L plate.

    Can ANYONE suggest even just one situation, where having a L/P plate, makes the situation safer and/or prevents crashes/injury/stupidity?
    IMO it only makes things worse
  14. I eventually stopped showing my P plates, but kept a tiny corner under the number plate (sorry officer I had an RTA flimsy P plate on, see, the corner is still there - odds of that working are low but worth a try). It draws the attention of too many idiot drivers that just have to get past any vehicle they see with L or P plates on, regardless of the L/P plater's speed or driving behaviour.
  15. hehe the old broken P plate. did that for a bit.

    Had a road trail so they always used to snap off offroad, even split off a metal rego plate from vibration!

    Cop booked me for no p plate and wanted to know why, because it always breaks off i say, he wouldn't believe me
  16. I find that some people see the L plate and want to overtake (or at least keep up) but I also notice i get more space sometimes. My L plate fell off one day on my way home from work and I was wondering why cars seemed to be getting closer to me in the mirrors.. maybe because no L?
    (No L, No L - sounding like christmas)