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Displaying P plates in NSW if you have a full car licence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by newbie69, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. I’ve read in other threads that in VIC if you have a full car license you don’t have to display a P plate on your bike. Does the same rule apply in NSW and other states or is that just a VIC thing?

    Im currently 29, have a full car licence and am looking to do my Bike P’s test at the end of April.
    Just wondering whether I have to display the P plates until I hit 30 or not?
  2. Re: Displaying P plates in NSW if you have a full car licenc

    You sure do.

    Once you hit 30, i think you can go straight onto your open bike licence, but that is at the discretion of the RTA. Then you wont need to wear them... But you'll still have pillion restrictions until you have completed the 12 months that you would have normally completed on your P's.
  3. Re: Displaying P plates in NSW if you have a full car licenc

  4. Re: Displaying P plates in NSW if you have a full car licenc

    here si the rules for NSW as i have just gone through the Mature age rider scheme.

    The conditions to bypass the P's is only possible if you have held your drivers licence for more then 5 years wihout and suspensions or disqualifications and are the age of 30 or above.

    When you book in for the test they will check your records with the RTA database to ensure you meet these conditions so don't bother trying to lie.

    For example;

    I did my L's Jan 20
    I then did my P's March 20
    Next available day I went to RTA with p's slip and they gave me my full unrestricted licence with only a restriction placed on me regarding no pillions for 12 months.

    and that's how it works :)
  5. Thanks for the clarification.
    Ive just been getting frustrated recently at only being able to do 80km/h in a 100km/h zone on the motorway.
    Not having to display P plates would have been ideal but I guess I’ll just have to wait until I turn 30 later in the year.
    In the mean time I will have to book in & pass my P’s so that I can at least do 90kms/h.
  6. I know your frustrations but fear not, you'll be set free soon enough!
  7. If you've held your full car license for 5+ years AND over 30 years of age, you would then qualify from a learners -> unrestricted. Which doesn't quite fit your position if you were to get your P's before you turn 30.

    If I were you, I'd give them a ring and clarify that you automatically get an unrestricted* license once you turn 30. I doubt it'll be that smooth because there's no opportunity for them to charge you admin, state, federal, ink/plastic levies, GST and any other fees.

    *pillion restriction
  8. Has anyone else done this?
    Got there p's and then gone to the RTA once they turned 30 to switch over to an unrestricted licence or to qualify for the mature age rider scheme do you have to be 30 or over at the time that you pass the test?
  9. Pretty sure you have to be over 30 when you do your P's. Do a search on the rta website
  10. Think you'll find you have to be over 30 mate when you do the test.........
    I did similar to 'respi'.....
    L's in January,
    Full license in February, restricted from pillion for twelve months.
    I would suggest you will need to do the MOST test again after your thirtieth bithday to get the slip of paper by which you can apply for your mature aged unrestricted license.

    Good luck
  11. I couldn’t find anything on their website about whether you are still eligible for the mature age rider scheme if you have already passed your P’s prior to turning 30. All information appears to be if you are already 30 at the time you complete the P’s test.
    I might have to try giving them a call for clarification.
  12. I spoke to someone at the RTA this morning who stated that you only qualify for the mature age rider scheme if you are already 30 at the time you complete the P’s test.

    This leaves me with 2 options –

    1 – stay on my L’s until September and then do my P’s so that I qualify for the mature age rider scheme and providing I pass obtain an unrestricted licence.

    2 – do my P’s test in the next month or so and complete the standard full 12 months before I can obtain an unrestricted licence.

    I was sure that i had spoken to someone who had done the test first and then gone into the RTA on their 30th birthday to upgrade there licence so I just rang the RTA again and spoke to someone else.

    This time the RTA representative stated that if I do my P’s now then once I turn 30 all I have to do is go to the RTA and they will change me to an unrestricted licence. She said that there is nothing on the website which states this but that I will be fine as that’s just the way it works. (her words)

    The problem is I cannot find anything on the RTA website to support either of the RTA representative’s claims so I have no idea at this point what to do.

    Is anyone on here able to shed some light on the situation?
  13. I repeat..........and unless that bird at the RTA is prepared to put her statement in writing........

  14. Funny how they can discriminate based on age when all are legally adults. :roll: