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Displaying my L plate

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fizmotech, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Having previoussly had a license overseas, wearing an L plate feels like LOSER ha ha. But I dont care.

    Only issue is, I have screwed it under the right license plate, but the top half of the L is cut off. Will I lose my license if pulled over? I would say 2/3 is showing but doesnt look like an L if that makes sense.

    Only 9 more days until I get my P's/mature age...... thank goodness.

  2. In general very few people display the entire L as most bikes don't have room. It is a universally recognised symbol so I don't think anyone would ahve trouble realising what it is and I assume the cops are ok with it as the majority arin the same boat as u (inlcuding me - and I have been pulled over for using a bike lane, and he didn;t care about only 1/3 of my L showing).
  3. I think the law states something like "The L or P plate must be clearly displayed" meaning all the plate should be visible.
    Im not sure about 2/3 thing if you get pulled over, I guess it might depend on the cop who pulls you over. You could get lucky and get let off. But considering you only have 9 days left to get off your Ls, I wouldnt risk it. Try and make as much as possible visible.
    Ive got my L plate secured to the right of the number plate, and if i pull the L plate all the way out, it blocks the indicator, so Ive got mine slightly tucked in, so about 1/4 of the plate is hidden behind the number plate.
    I guess if i get pulled over by a fussy cop ill just have to justify id rather my indicator visible rather than that extra 1/4 of the L plate.
  4. I rode around for 3 months with my L plate covered by the rego plate over the yellow portion in the interior of the L and didn't get picked up.
    But then I hardly saw a cop in all that time and never one behind me.

    I figured as long as most of the L bit was shwing and some of the yellow it would be ok.
  5. Yeah I wouldn't worry about it either.

    My L plate had the top 1/3rd cut off and I was never pulled over.

    If you were pulled over then the cop would have to be a real prick to book you for it.

    I think that rule is mostly in place for those doof doof wankers who put their plate behind heavily tinted windows.
  6. What would happen if i dont show it at all. i know ill get a fine but how many points would it cost in vic.
  7. $200-$300 and 3 demerit points I think.

    You could lose the same amount of points/cash by doing 124kph in a 100 zone.
    It's ridiculous.
  8. Lol, you're off your head, its a $75 fine. and 1 point
  9. In NSW, maybe.

    You forget how stupid Victorian laws are.

    The actual Victorian fine for not displaying L/P plates (or not in clear view) is $220 and 3 demerit points. :)
  10. i never displayed my L plate.

    road users treat you differently when you have a big yellow L on the back.
  11. Thats the reason why i asked. When i had it on cars up my ass trying to push me off the road take it off and not as bad.
  12. Yeah I noticed that too, people beep their horns for no reason and act like I got the plague!

    Brings warm fuzzy memories when I was a learner cager :evil:
  13. Hi guys, i have experienced the same for the last 6 months on my ls. car drivers just go crazy when they see the l plate, its like a bull seeing red. i had another incident today when some guy overtook me in my lane instead of goin into the overtake lane and almost took me out. i got my ps booked on sunday and i wont be displaying my ps coz its just too dangerous :mad:
  14. Good luck.

    I don't think P's are as bad as the L's

    Everyone tends to treat you like a complete nubcake when you're on your L's. Speed up, tailgate, overtake when you're on/over the limit ect It's a pain in the arse.

    I've found with P's everyone treats you like a hoon. The amount of 4WD's and other dumbsh**ts that seem to think I want to drag them off the lights is unbelievable. I've considered just taking off the plate to see if they leave me alone (I like to be alone).

    I especially find this with my car, which just so happens to be a VN Berlina. Just to try and break your stereotype on the VN hoons, I have a very light foot, almost always.

    Other than the occasional fool mentioned above, P's aren't that bad.
    I don't want to ride around without my plate because it's a huge fine in Victoria.
  15. Just had a look at vicroads and if you dont have your L or P plate up 227 dollar fine and 2 points. Looks like the plates going back on :cry: as im not worried about the money just the points as i Drive for a living.