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displaying learner and provisional plates.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ConnWilliams, May 27, 2009.

  1. i have had my l's for about two months now and the things thats making me a bit antsy is that the amount of plates i have gone thru in those two months.

    does anybody have some tips on how to stop them from tearing off in the wind?? does anybody know if they still make the papper plates because the would solve my problem.

    and finally does anybosy find it bizare that when going for a left bend that i lost control and landed the bike on its Right hand side??? i find it a little weird thinking about it know.

    anyways some help on the plate would be great

  2. That would be called a classic high slide...

    most likely your rear wheel lost grip, slip, and then regained grip, throwing you over to the other side.

    As for the L's, maybe stick it to some stiffer material or something?
  3. lol
    re plates - is it because they contact the wheel? I put mine on the side of the number plate, just drilled some holes & screwed on

    re coming off - no i almost did the same, left corner - came in (what i thought) was too fast, braked, slipped, gripped, over-straightened, woah, then back to the left so luckily fell off on the "correct" side. phew was i relieved ....
  4. I use those little plastic pull ties and hook it around the number plate. Works a treat with holding on my P plate. plate lasts about 3 months or so before the plate gets a bit dodgy due to wind damage
  5. Re: displaying leaerner and provisonaol plates.

    That's funny, that's exactly what happens to most L plates just before being pulled over by the police (or pesky kids must have grabbed them AGAIN, officer...tut tut...) :p

    Use those hard plastic ones and screw them to a number plate hole is my advice if you're that way inclined. They were free in NSW when I did my car Ls and Ps but I hear you have to pay for them down here in VIC.
  6. The had plastic ones from the RTA are just as bad for tearing off, I went through 3 L plates and am on my 5th and last P plate with 1 month to go!

    Currently I have the plate double-sided taped to the back of my top-box and it seems to be holding there really well, better than I thought it would, must be out of the direct air flow.

  7. duct tape. it truly works wonders if you're lazy and can't be bothered unscrewing anything!
  8. Get the magnetic plates , and bolt with a large washer onto the number plate.
    They flex with the wind , and you shouldn't have any problem with them breaking off.
  9. I have my P plate safety pinned to my backpack, has been there for 6 months now without issue. Will only come off if you rip it off on something picking the bag up, and usually only at one end, so just pin it through again and good to go :)
  10. Yer, pin it onto your backpack/clothes - or get an overjacket thingy and stick it on that. That's what I had to wear during Q-Ride stuff.
  11. screw through number plate holder (dont know if it has a specific name :p ) plate screwed to that. sure its worn away, and my L one was ruined when i took it off for my P, but oh well :p
  12. i put two holes in the side of my L plate (back when I had L plates :D) and threaded a cable tie through one, onto the numberplate and back thru the other hole and it has never, ever come off or torn off. Cable ties are the bomb.
  13. Yea I lost 2 when they were wedged in with the numberplate, some ties fixed it, hasnt come off since/holes dont rip out in wind.
  14. Just a single hole down in middle center bottom of my numberplate and another through the P plate, nut, bolt and washer... problem solved.

    Makes a good mudflap... seriously! :grin:
  15. cheers guys i got on of those car plate holders and altered it abit and screwed her on it works pretty well.
  16. sorry for threadjacking, but my plates rub on the wheels and they end up burnt in a half circular shape.

    i dont really care about the plates but does it do damage to the tyres? It would be stupid to wear out the tyres quicker than usual just because of stupid 3dollar plastic plates
  17. Simple fix:

    Cut the lid of a 4litre ice cream container to the same size as the L plate and screw them both to the bottom of the number plate.
  18. or you could do what i do. got sick of losing plates so when i lost the last one i just never put another back on. there is a cable tie hanging off my number plate. if i ever get questioned on it by fuzz, i'll just say it must have blown off.
  19. super cheap auto sell hard plastic plates that won't come off if you cabletie them on... no way you're breaking that one unless you got some form of cutting implement. I had the same problem as you my plate kept getting broken off... I rode around with a yellow triangle piece on my numberplate for like 2 months.