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Displaying " L " Plates

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by grange, May 15, 2008.

  1. I was delivering in the sydney cbd as usual today when I saw a vespa type scooter rider on george street.
    The thing that brought my attention to this rider was that not only was she displaying a "L" plate as normal on the rear of the bike , but also had one fixed to the front of the bike.
    Not something you see everyday. Maybe getting ready to fit number plate to front as well.

  2. If I see more than the minimum required number of L-plates, alarm bells go off in my brain.

    1 L-plate:
    "Oh wow, there's a learner. I should be consistent and courteous when driving near them."

    More than 1 L-plate front/rear:
    "OMG they must be friggin' retarded. I'm getting the f*%# out of here FAST!"
  3. The rider was just being extra safe. Scooter riders are into the safety thing.
  4. Would that be the "no gloves, office clothes, light jacket, high heels" riding the scooter safety thing? :shock:
  5. lol. my guess she bought em as a pair and had nothing better to do with the other one :p
  6. Could have stuck it on her forehead.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Hehe. You should see the MC parking at my campus. COFA is an art college so we get lots of arts students doing the 'cool scooter thing'. You can't pick them out of a crowd because they dress like all the other art people except they have a flimsy barely legal helmet.
  9. and with the office cloths some office women comes out in suits.. skirts .. and u know skirts.. they cannot put their legs down fully so they have to slide that up to their mid thighs abit..

    i saw this at the off ramp on anzac to fish market.. i was like .. Woah! woah! Farrrrrrr out .. her legs was AWSUM!! in my helmet.

    I knew i wasn't the only one to have entire conversations with myself within the cosy confines of my helmet...
  11. AHaha u make me laugh man. REP
  12. If only others were like this....
    Especially those with 4WD's, almost always tailgating and driving like they're in small sports cars on invincible.

    Maybe she was a bit ditsy and thought "Cars have 2 L plates! yayy"
  13. When i first got my learners and bought the L plates (there are 2 in the pak) i had to stop and think...hmm do i put one or 2 on the bike. I dropped into the local cop shop to ask the question. Saying they are a friggin retard is just a wee bit harsh....perhaps its just lack of knowledge!
  14. well actually if you managed to read the road riders user book that your supposed to read before sitting the theory test you would have seen that it says to attach to the rear of the bike only
  15. hey when any of you guys were acutally on your L's.. did you acutally wear them? i dont think anyone i know acutally wears their L's or P's..
  16. Oh i did manage to read the book and pass the test thanks. Have made a mental note to remember 100% of everything i read in future... Right!!
    Guess im lucky the test did ask "where do you stick you L plates" in 3 different ways or i may never have got my licence :p
  17. I have a hard time keeping mine attached (ask sleddog, he knows :grin: ) so I go for periods without them. I only get different responses when travelling slower than the speed limit (feeling sketchy etc.) so I don't really care whether they are on or not...
  18. I like my L's. All the Cagers avoid me. :oops: :grin:

    What will they do when I am on my P's? Tailgate etc?
  19. I get that a bit, but I like to think they're giving me space.

    P platers on the other hand, they just want to over take you and then sit in front of you 10k under the limit.
  20. YES!!! Everyone gives you a bit of slack, which then all goes out the window when you rip a killer lane split in peak time though 50 odd cars outbound...! As much as i want a bigger bike, i like my L plate, it gives me "room to move"...