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Displaying L Plates (WA)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Skotty, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if the L plate has to be attached to the bike, or can it be on the back of my jacket. I wear a high viz vest at my lessons with an L on the back, & I can't remember if there is one on the bike also. Went into Malz auto shop & all the L plates were the soft window sticker type, so I got a pair & just pinned it on my jacket for my carpark practice this avo. I don't know if that's Ok or not, was thinking it might be easier than attching to the bike, especially after a search on the topic brought up posts about L plates breaking off. I'm thinking of a vest with the L on it, then I can take it off when I get wherever I'm going. I'm an SES volunteer, so I'm used to wearing orange stuff with reflective stripes.

  2. dont know mate ring the authorities good onya SES volunteer important work
  3. IN SA the legislation states the plate must to be affixed to the bike. I'm sure WA would be the same.
  4. :-s Slight thread highjack, you do know they don't work right?

    Putting an L-plate on a bike would be easier and that is probably what the legislation is. That is: it has to be located near the number plate...
  5. I don't think hi-viz gear makes you harder to see, so I guess it can't hurt!

    I asked my instructor today. He doesn't have plates on the bike, only front & back of the vest. He's been teaching for 9 years that way & said most instructors do the same. I've tried 3 shops now & still only the floppy window sticker type L plates - don't know where the rigid ones have all gone!
  6. Go to Clark Rubber and buy some 3 or 5 mm stiff rubber sheet. Cut it to size, glue the L Plate onto it, drill a couple of holes for bolts/screws and bolt the lot to your bike using washers and Nyloc nuts. It will probably fit at the botttom of your number plate. Done. It will last forever.
  7. Ok thanks - a craft session. Glue I can do, will have to consult boyfriend about a drill & I have no idea what Nyloc nuts are - something that doesn't come undone I'm guessing?? Need to get some washers & bolts for the number plate (currently held on with heavy gauge wire), so just add to the shopping list.
  8. If you don't mind looking like a nong :D :rofl: :D

    Point i'm trying to make is: no amount of safety gear or hi-viz gear is going to save you from a crash. Only you, your skills and the way you approach riding is going to do that ;)
  9. Craft sessions are fun. :)

    Since you are going to be down at Bunnings anyway, make sure that you get a good flexible rubber glue so that the plate won't come unstuck with all the flexing it will do. Super glue or Araldite, for example, would be too stiff.

    Also, since you need to bolt your plate on properly anyway, you may want to make the rubber sheet bigger than the L plate and run it all the way up to the top of the number plate. That is, make the rubber sheet as big as the L plate plus the number plate. That should stop the rubber sheet from ever tearing off.

    Drill or hole punch, such as a leather hole punch. As long as you make a round hole that won't tear out.

    Nyloc nuts: Yeah, don't come undone easily, unless you use a spanner. There are other lock nut types, but they will do. I use stainless steel ones from Bunnings (hard to find, but they do have them) so that they don't rust.